If your daughter is showing the interest in playing soccer, you need to put her under the watchful eyes of an experienced soccer coach. However, that will not be enough.

What you need to make available to her, is right training equipment as well. This will help her to receive the best possible training. It will also help her learn the skills properly and ensure that she plays the game correctly subsequently.

Besides, the right kind of soccer training equipment will ensure that she stays safe as she learns the techniques and improve upon her skills and have utmost fun.

The basics...how they help?

Things do not get more fundamental than the soccer balls themselves. Regardless of whether the basic balls skills are practised at home or the coaching centre under the supervision of a coach or trainer, the ball is the basic and THE MOST critical equipment.

There are a wide variety of soccer training balls available in the market, and one the most crucial parameters by which they differ is the size. The size of the training balls is a bit smaller than the regulation balls or the match balls. The designs of these training balls are different, and so are the materials that are used to manufacture them.

For instance, the materials of a size 4 AFL women's ball will be different than what a size 5 match ball is made up of. 

What difference does the training ball materials make?

Besides the physical drills that are part of soccer training, the other necessary chapter of training is learning the basic balls skills. They include kicking a running or dead (stationary) ball, dribbling, running with the ball, knocking, heading, passing, heeling and receiving short and long aerial and ground passes. For the ones who want to be goalkeepers, saving long range and short range shots is also a major part of the training.

So during training, one has to make sure there no injury is inflicted during these activities, more so during the initial stage of the training.

That is when the right soccer training equipment including the training balls makes a significant difference. The balls are lighter and the materials that are used to manufacture them make sure that they do not get heavier even when they are wet.

They make sure, that the balls have a true swing and do not suffer too much movement off the air, as that may pose a problem for judging the flight while receiving aerial passes or heading.

The balls that come up with bungee cords are also specially designed. The cords are long and elastic enough and the wristbands that are there to be put on, are comfortable enough so that the trainees do not face any issue while using them during the initial days of their training.

The bottom line

Surely there are so many types of training equipment that are specifically designed and developed to improve the skills of the budding Socceroos. However, the training balls genuinely hold the key to the development of high-quality soccer skills - an imperative for the emergence of a proper soccer player.

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The author owns a company that manufactures various types of soccer training equipment including the size 4 AFL women's ball. The author is also a blogger and is followed by many.