Arabic was originated long before the Christ era in what is known today as Saudi Arabia and Yemen. There is no actual proof exactly when the Arabic language came into origin but this much can be known that it is derived out of diglossia which is a sign of complexity and richness. The language has a very old and strict grammatical structure. Like other languages it has changed throughout centuries due to different social and historical shifts.

Arabic is an ancient language of the Earth as discussed earlier and can sometimes be very challenging. Sometimes learning Arabic for beginners becomes tough but after you have started, it will be a sublime and gratifying experience. This is consider as a sacred language of Islam and is one of the most common languages spoken in the Arabian Peninsula.

Since it is also one of the most used languages of all time you will experience strength and wonder while learning it from an Arabic language course in Kolkata. Arabic is a rich language which is spoken by 22 countries across the Middle East, North Africa and the Persian Gulf.

From the Middle Ages Arabic had a great influence on many European cultures. This can be found in the fields of mathematics, science, philosophy and others. In fact many European cultures have also borrowed several words from it. If you plan to learn Arabic language you will be dumbfounded by the huge influence of this amazing tongue.

While talking about European languages you can notice the influences particularly on Mediterranean languages especially in Spanish, Portuguese and Sicilian. Some of the words that have been taken from the Arabic language to English are coffee, alchemy, candy, assassin, cotton, algebra, jasmine etc.

The tongue has also influenced other languages such as Urdu,Persian, Turkish and others hence other Arabic words can be found there too. If you learn Arabic language you will find that there are several styles of speaking the language for example modern Arabic is also called literary Arabic and is used in universities, schools, workplaces etc. The language is written with its own signature alphabets and it is written from right to left.

Today, with the advent of many foreign language institutes, learning Arabic for beginners have become very easy. You will be able to enhance your life and it is never too late. Through a course you will be able to learn the methods of reading and writing. Along with this, knowledge of alphabets will help you to quickly master the languages. Moreover, learning this as a foreign language will help in your future development and will help in getting a lot of opportunities.

You can learn the tongue by taking up the Arabic language course in Kolkata where you will be guided by taking up the classes collaboratively, in a group or individually .You will need to find a good training institute however, which will guide you to learning all of these extensively. For more information talk to your teachers who will train you in the process.

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Laxmon Gope is a teacher of the Arabic Language course in Kolkata provided by IITT Languages Academy. She uses techniques such as audio tapes for pronunciations part and other innovative techniques for the writing part