Developing global competence has become essential. Today you live in a society and the world, which is far more connected and competitive than what it was a decade ago. It brings in new opportunities and imposes new challenges for students, parents and educational establishments. Here is how educational online quiz can help kids build global competence.

1. Favors healthy competition with more users

Educational quiz brings in kids of specific age groups studying at the same level or in classes with matching intelligence levels together. eLearning platforms help users to participate in the quiz online simultaneously. There are strict guidelines to foster healthy competition that favors learning and growth.

2. Helps with a progressive comprehensive study

Adopting a scientific methodology, online quiz platforms like focus on the all-round development of students from all levels – primary to secondary. Registered students can go through a variety of quiz materials, including brain games, current affairs, pictorial GK, amazing facts, mathematics, etc. After successful completion of one level, students are encouraged to take the higher-level quiz.

3. Quizzes enhance the memory of students

Quizzes help students remember and retain information for a longer period. Students have options to repeat the online quiz as many times as required. Most of the course packages include game-based learning that sharpens both long- and short-term memory by making them concentrate better on the strategic aspect of the games.

4. Maintains students’ morale with real-time help

Online quiz platforms like have a dashboard where students can ask questions or doubts and get them solved by subject-matter experts. Authentic as well as real-time mentoring helps in maintaining the interest of users. They love to stay tuned to the quiz. It motivates learners to achieve higher levels.

5. Increases efficiency with time-bound competition

With hundreds and thousands of candidates aiming to make their way to a few coveted vacancies during an entrance exam, what makes the difference is not just their skills but also their speed of answering the questions asked. Regular participation in educational quiz helps in building an unbeatable efficiency, solving more questions in a given time frame, which your kid or student needs to excel in the future competitions.

6. Fun factors make learners more enthusiastic

Successful ELearning ventures make sure that learning is provided in a fun-filled way. They make use of exciting illustrations, audio, and video elements to make their point clear to learners. The practice keeps students engaged. While selecting a quiz program or courses, as a parent or teacher you should make sure that education doesn’t come cumbersome and monotonous to the learner.

7. Quizzes help with successful academic revision

Practice makes a man perfect. Quizzes help candidates to revise their regular academic lessons as well. Encourage your kid or student to take the quiz courses in a step-by-step manner. After every assessment, he or she must pay attention to the shortcomings – incorrect answers, or response delay, and try to give their best in the next round.

8. Personalized learning experience

Online quiz modules help with measuring human intelligence more accurately. Grading students and creating new recommended courses based on their current learning interest and appetite, online platform providers transform student’s knowledge.

9. Quiz reduces test anxiety

Test anxiety is one of the key challenges that result in the poor performance of candidates in most of the competitive exams. Adopting standardized tests and other summative assessments offered through online quiz modules familiarizes students with the question patterns of the target subjects. The more quizzes a student takes, the more confidence he or she builds up to tackle those tough situations.

10. Above and Beyond the Knowledge and Success

Whether it’s a general knowledge quiz or science quiz for kids, or anything else while participating in a group quiz, kids also develop intercultural sensitivity and acceptance. Most of the digital quiz platforms have students from different geographies and cultures thanks to the growing penetration of the Internet. It turns them into global citizens.

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