Phuket is considered as the best tropical asian wedding destinations in the world. There are plenty of great reasons to tie the knot in Phuket. Getting married in Thailand or Phuket is a good idea because young couples can save as much as 50% of their wedding expenses. They can get marriage venues, cuisine, decor and professional wedding photographers at a fraction of the price of other destinations. Combining with a honeymoon package, they can also save their money by having a weddingmoon.

Are couples also looking to get married in Phuket Thailand? Or How to get legally married in Phuket? Of course! Yes, it's possible to get legally married in Phuket but you need some important documents as well as a trip to Bangkok and your embassy. You need to follow some regulations and jump through a few hoops to getting married in Phuket.

You can also find help from some consultants in Phuket such as Phuket Weds or many more. They can help you assist with all steps. Here is the list of some documents that you required to getting married legally in Phuket.

It's compulsory to submit these documents before marriage.

- Passport
– 2 copies Visa
– Copy this too Fiancee's ID card (for Thai nationals only)
– 2 copies The Letter of Affirmation of Freedom to Marry (the original & the certified translation, plus copies of both) MFA stamped translation of your passport Fiancee's Tabien Baan (house log) (Thai nationals only) or divorce papers
– 2 copies Two witnesses. The Amphur can provide these if needed.
- Religion is not a requisite.

Sometimes it might feel challenging to find the best dates for your wedding. Considering the season is important due to the issue of indoor vs. outdoor. Generally, Novemeber through April are considered the best time for a wedding in Phuket. Due to the fabulous weather and rainy season, many people prefer these months to get married in Phuket.

Moreover, there are a more than 100 possible wedding venues to get married at in Phuket. Phuket has so many options such as Villa wedding, Hotel/Resort, Chapel, and Beach Weddings among others. These categories are the main attractions for couples to get married by the ocean here. It is not always correct to think that the beach wedding is cheaper than the villa wedding; in fact it depends on all the event's specific requirements. A Thailand wedding can really range in cost.

Some people think that wedding planners in Phuket are not necessary. They only make their even more expansive and difficult to plan, it is not helpful. It is very important to take the advice of qualified wedding planners. It truly helps to make your event more smooth, easy, wonderful and memorable.

It is a good idea to have Phuket hair and makeup conducted onsite at your wedding as well. By a professioal Phuket makeup artist. Furthermore, Thailand celebrant services can fit to any religion or spiritual tradition that you might require.

Luckily the top Thailand Island of Brides-and-grooms is full of skilled wedding organizers. Planning a beautiful and mesmerizing event is not an easy task and Phuket Weds helps you to make your event unforgettable. It's important to take help from expert wedding planners because in any other place you can't tackle all the things in an appropriate manner. Many trusted wedding planners deal with all your important issues related to getting married in Bali. Sometimes it includes official issues. You can make your wedding more incredible with the help of expert wedding planners.

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