In the last few years, there has been more emphasis on the design and decoration of the offices in India owing to its business and health benefits. The beautifully designed and decorated offices contribute towards the well-being of the employees. And the well-being employees result in the better production and profit to the business. The interior designing in the country is getting, quirkier and bolder day by day and the maximum contribution in it is of the corporate interior design firms in India.

7 Unusual and Craziest Office Buildings in India

It is heartening to see that builders and architects in India are now giving importance to the design as well and not relying on concrete structure and shoebox only. The interiors of these office buildings have been the source of inspiration for the thousands of startups in this country. Have a look at these 7 unusual and craziest office buildings in India:


  1. Microsoft, Gurgaon: If you wonder to know how the office of Microsoft office in Gurgaon looks like, then here we have come with a description of it for our readers. The Microsoft office has all the aspects of luxury in it. The office of the Microsoft spreads to an area of 72,000 square feet and its interiors reflect Indian ethos and the futuristic design. There are 60 meeting rooms which vary in sizes and proportions. The furniture of the office is mobile that facilitates impromptu meetings. It you will ever get a chance to enter into the building of the Microsoft, you will see Sanskrit shlokas written on its walls.


  1. IFlex building: The IFlex building in Bangalore is famous for its unusual shape and blocks that spread like petals. The building which accommodates 15, 00 employees are located in Bagmane Tech Park in the Bangalore. The architectural marvel makes the building stand out in the Park. Office Interior Designers have adopted efforts to ensure the entry of maximum natural light inside the rooms.


  1. Cyber structure: You might have heard about this office building in Mumbai before as well. It is an egg-shaped building with a very unique and unusual design. The building reflects the quality and controlled environmental design, virtual architecture and evolutionary engineering. You can call it the one of the boldest building in Mumbai. The Cyber structure is located in Bandra Mumbai and the building has both office and living space.


  1. Cyber Towers: The Cyber Towers in Hyderabad is one more proof of the boldest interior design of the offices in India. It is a 10 story building with 100 thousand square feet area. The building houses many internationally reputed ITES and IT companies. The GE Capital, Oracle Corporation, Four Soft Limited and Keane like companies are housed in the Cyber Towers.


  1. Myntra Office: The office of the Myntra is full of vibrancy and colors. The building of the office spreads over 36,500 square feet and has a table tennis court and a foot stadium as well. The meeting halls and conference rooms have the perfect black and white illustrations.


  1. South Asian Human Right Documentation Centre: The South Asian Human Right Documentation Centre in New Delhi can be termed as the perfect example of brickwork throughout India. It is an NGO which investigates documents and gathers info about the Human right situation in the country. Its office is located on 50 sqm plot reflecting it’s cost effective and the spatial efficiency. The orientation of this office is such that it remains exposed to direct sunlight for maximum part of the day the day.   While as the brick module lays in staggered courses creating an undulating surface.


  1. The Adobe building: The Adobe has a very beautiful and sophisticated building like its products Adobe Photoshop and Premiere etc. The tech savvy people know it better how Adobe has transformed everything into a thing of beauty. The interior design firm has made the Adobe office building as one of the India’s most colorful buildings. The innovative design, abstract structural facades and bright color schemes provide a vibrant work atmosphere within.


Although interior designing in India has achieved a level in a quick span of time it has still a lot to achieve to come up to par with the standard of interior designing in the other countries. The interiors of these office buildings designed by some of the best interior design firms in India have been the source of inspiration for the thousands of startups in this country.

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