It goes without saying, but bathrooms are the most used part of your house. And despite our best efforts to keep in clean, spotless and freshly smelling, something or the other always comes up.


But; you being responsible for its cleanliness and smell should take proactive steps to make your bathing space more welcoming and attractive along with a newly installed freestanding bathtub.


But Firstly let’s Begin With Those Popular Freestanding Baths You Can Add:-


  • Galaxy Square 1500mm- Freestanding Bath:-


  1. Dimension of this luxurious bathtub measures approximately 1495x800x690.
  2. It comes with stainless steel frame, and fibreglass and resin reinforced on its rear-end.
  3. It also comes with a hard carbon box having 4-handles


  • Celine 1600mm-Freestanding Bath:-


  1. Dimension of this product is 1600x800x600
  2. Comes with a durable carbon box having 4-handles and stainless steel frame with 6pcs of adjustable feet for additional support.
  3. Furthermore, these freestanding baths also have fibreglass and resin reinforved on its rear-side.


  • Dior 1700mm-Freestanding Bath:-


  1. Dimension measures approximately 1700x800x600.
  2. Includes a strong carbon box with 4-handles and a robust stainless steel frame having 6pcs of ABS feet.
  3. No chances of overflow and for additional support, these popular baths in Perth also come reinforced with fibreglass and resin on its rear-end.


  • Madison Matt Black 1700mm- Freestanding Bath:-


  1. Dimensions of this products is 1700x890x580
  2. Comes with fibreglass and resin adequately reinforced on its rear-end.
  3. And it also consists of a stainless steel frame support by adjustable feet.


Best Plants To compliment  These Stunning Freestanding Baths:-


  • Aloe Vera:- The most common plants found inside bathrooms is Aloe Vera. In lieu of its visual appeal, the plant gel is also used for treating burns, cuts or even minor scrapes and insect bites.


Do look to add them in your bathroom and place it by the window. This plant doesn’t require frequent watering, which is another good thing about it.


  • Begonia:-This is a natural indoor plant, and it looks very pretty. They thrive under artificial lights, particularly if you have fluorescent lights. Look to place it near the window and provide it with a regular spritz of water frequently.


  • IVY:-Ivy is a trendy plant, and as per NASA- they can purify the air. Adding this into your bathroom for both visual aesthetics and to compliment  your freestanding bath does seem a wonderful idea. They will keep the bathroom hygienic and also helps remove the bacteria and mould from the bathroom space. Even if you have a small bathroom; you can easily put them atop a shelf or a ledge.


If you wish to create a personal spa-like ambience at home, then you can hang them in a basket from the ceiling. In fact, many homeowners prefer keeping Ivy next to their showering cubicle or their bathtub- where its leaves can hang down attractively.


  • Chinese Evergreen:-Another decorative bathroom plant you can add to compliment  your newly fitted freestanding bath is the Chinese Evergreen. They are sturdy and ideal for bathrooms. They can even survive in indirect sunlight or low-light ambience of bathrooms. The plant is distinguishable by its yellow or white striped leaves.


  • Orchid:- Orchids can transform the appearance of your bathroom, presenting it a nice, elegant and classy feel. As you get the freedom of placing your freestanding bath anywhere; you can work with the available space and arrange a spot to keep these orchids. Another good spot where you can keep these orchids is at the window sills.


The impressive thing about orchids is that they are neat, trim and compact-looking plant- thus making it a good choice for small-medium sized bathrooms.


Ending Statement:-


Keeping plants inside your bathroom to compliment your freestanding tubs is an in-vogue trend for many homeowners. It lends in a distinctive appeal to the whole ambience- something that most owners look for in their bathroom renovation project in Perth.


So, if you’re renovation plan includes adding a quality freestanding bathtub and compliment  its decor with indoor plants, then use these ideas and get started!

Author's Bio: 

The author is a notable supplier of freestanding baths all over Perth for years. With that, the author also educates the readers on those trending Baths Perth for the readers.