Speaking American English is entirely different from knowing to speak that language. Many of us think that we are pretty good in speaking American English. But while interacting with American customers or while speaking in workplace, "American accent" becomes overwhelming.
While surveying the college students, BPO job seekers & IT professionals for estimating the "American accent Speaking Ability", their response was appalling. They say,
“It is hard to connect body language with actual emotions, while communicating in U.S English.”
Problems That People Face While Speaking English with American accent:
1. Individuals might get frustrated to talk the language in workplace. Though it is mandatory in work culture, people who lack in American English knowledge may feel isolated.
2. Secondly, clients find it difficult to understand the language. This is not considered as good sign since clients’ approval is allied to job appraisal.
3. Though there are multiple resources available online, real time practice is required to learn sounds & pronunciations. Without practice, individual may fail to speak out English with American accent.
Well, if you are facing the above discussed scenario, then read the tips.
• Go and get American friends. Have you heard it wrong?
Actually not. Speaking with American friends is the best method to learn the language effortlessly. And this is the sole reason why people migrating to America improves the accent easily. Moreover you can get to know unusual phrases for interaction like “Barking up the wrong tree", "Cut to the chase", "Keep the ball rolling" etc.
• Increase the amount of time that you are spending to learn American accent. Factually, the quality time spent to learn things will bring positive results. One cool way is to buy audiobooks & CDs available. Listen to the pronunciation and slang iteratively. In turn you can catch up the accent. You can also listen to songs & read books to understand the language from bottom-line.
• Memorizing is NOT the right strategy to master the accent. You cannot get confidence to communicate English with American accent via textbooks. If you are the one who is trying with this, then stop immediately. Since 100% conversational method will only help you to learn the accent.
• Never hesitate to make mistakes. Initially, speaking American accent English is tough. Some people might feel shy to speak the language with mistakes. But remember learning the language as like a child is essential.
Here comes the bonus tip, you can join in American accent training classes. By practicing American accent from global language trainers will boost your confidence. This also paves way for career development. If you are planning to get into call center jobs, the accent training classes will surely guide you to master the language and make your career dream come true.
Other niche benefits of American accent training classes are - improves your body language & presentation skills. Thus choose the accent training institute that suits your personality and get enrolled in it.
Hope these tips might persuade your dream of learning American accent.
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