Call center solutions have been in the industry for quite long. This solution has benefited many businesses to grow remarkably. The companies had started with basic call center software. Then, various types of this system came into the market under open source and proprietary brand names. The latest invention in this segment is intelligent call center software. It is the most advanced version of the call center solution and it is perfect for the companies, organizations, enterprises, BPOs, KPOs, call centers and other businesses that want to gain a competitive edge.

There are many interesting and impressive features available in the intelligent call center software, which empower its user companies. One of the most important features available in this system is call center dialers. There are many different dialers available in intelligent call center solution. Let me share brief details about each of them:

1 Predictive Dialer
It uses AI-enabled predictive technology, which gauges how many calls will be answered out of the dialed number of calls and whether enough number of agents will be available to handle answered calls or not. The predictive call center dialer fine-tunes the speed of numbers to be dialed automatically which helps in achieving maximum productivity.

2. Preview Dialer

This call center dialer shows details of the lead to be connected next to the agent. The agents also have an option to attend that call or he can pass that a call so that a call can be attended by any other agent in the organization.

3. Auto Dialer

This is an automated call center dialer. It automatically dials numbers and passes calls to the agents. This is one of the most traditional call center dialers that introduced automation in the call center solution. This dialer aims to dial all numbers in minimum time to increase the performance of the agents and call centers.

4. Progressive Dialer

This type of call center dialer also dials numbers one by one. It only dials the number from the list when there is an agent available to pick up the call. It never dials until an agent is available to pick up the call. Furthermore, it only transfers the call that is connected to a live human. It skips the calls connected to IVRs, voicemails or answering machines.

5. Manual Dialer

This is a traditional dialer still available in the intelligent call center software. It provides a dialer like a dial-pad in a Smartphone. The agents can connect to customers by dialing numbers manually. It is not as efficient as other dialers as it is tedious and wastes a lot of time of agents. However, still, there are some scenarios in which agents need to use this type of call center dialers.

These are the top 5 call center dialers one can find in the intelligent call center solution. Based on the campaign and speed of agents, a business can use the dialer. In multiple campaigns, multiple dialers can be used. The AI-based call center software also offers a wide range of features that can be used to define the call center dialer to be used in a specific campaign. Alternatively, the supervisors can also experiment with different dialers to define which dialer is the best for that campaign.

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