When people talk or think about business signs most often they think of the various types you see outside a business. Neon lights flashing, blade signs Los Angeles, pole signs, monument signs and many more. There are also some important signs for inside too, directional signs, ADA signs, and other important informational signs. Whichever type of sign you are looking at, make sure it looks professional and suits your business and the style you want to project.

Exterior signs

Blade signs -  Blade signs go on the outside of the building projecting out, fixed perpendicular to the front of the store so they are easy to read. They clearly mark your business to people walking past and are most commonly two-sided so catch the attention for people going both ways. There are all kinds of styles and sizes, some are illuminated so they are visible when it is dark, some use channel letters, some use neon, some have a combination of styles. Blade signs Los Angeles for places like restaurants or bars might be more flashy and trendy, for something more traditional then a simple and more conservative blade sign would work.

Monument signs – Monument signs promote your business from outside in an architectural form usually, made from stones, concrete, or brick, but sometimes made from wood too. They are around the height of a person and placed in a location where people walk past, and where cars at a slower speed drive past. They are attractive, can be illuminated, and are durable. They are fairly affordable too so can handle all kinds of weather conditions.

Interior signs

Directional signs – It is important to have signs around your business that let people know where things are. From where the cash registers are, where the restrooms are, where the different sections are. If people do not know where anything is, many are going to leave rather than wait to find staff to ask or wander around. People become irritable and when they are feeling like that they are less likely to make a purchase. It also saves your employees time so they can do their work rather than keep on having to direct people.

ADA signs -  ADA signs are ones that follow guidelines set out by the Americans with Disabilities Act from 1992. These signs make it so that all people even those with certain physical differences like being blind, can still use the business and navigate it safely. Examples in the recommendations include color suggestions, font and size, materials to use and where the signs should be installed. ADA signs Los Angeles are for signs that indicate where a room is like a restroom, where exits or stairs are, as well as information signs too.


Whatever the sign you need, think about how it will reflect you, and what role you need it to play. Whether you are working with a sign company for some ADA signs Los Angeles, or need an exterior business sign to catch people's eye, make sure it is high quality and well maintained.


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