India is the second most populated country in the world, so here we have both advantages and disadvantages of it. Foreign countries wants to have the business and create their market in India because here they can sell anything like quick and easy for that one of the reason is our populations. Here they get many consumers.

One of the industries where foreign countries have a major presence is the food industry. They tried their hand and succeeded in every field, even with the food, cuisines, and a lot of variety of recipes. As we Indians are known as foodies and we believe in having and trying lot variety of tasty foods.

As in India we just welcome all the various and interesting things with our open arms, whether it may even is food, so this has made some international recipes and brands famous all over India. For that a good example are Dominos, KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s etc. how these branches are increasing day by day in our cities.

It is like vice- versa as our famous Indian recipes are becoming popular outside and some of their recipes like pizza, pasta, soup, Manchurians, noodles, burger etc. Are making a buzz in the food market because they are good at taste wise, varieties and presentation wise and these factors are attracting our youth.

For example the Manchurian recipe, this one recipe we can get in India like as our own traditional recipe we can get it either from a reputed restaurant or even as a street food.
For example Gobi Manchurian.

Gobi Manchurian is one of the popular foods all over the world, but it is mainly Indo Chinese Food. Everybody wants to taste it, even it is easily available outside, but some people are health conscious, outside food they may avoid, so if you want to prepare a healthy, spicy and crunchy homemade Manchurian, here we have a Recipe of it. This is also a very good Starter or Snacks for any party. Try in your Kitchen with fresh cauliflower

Like the list goes, for example, one of the recipes called pasta recipes which you can call a kids favorite recipe in this cuisines we can get a variety of taste and flavor as in Manchurian I think one of the plus points of other country foods is its varieties in the same category of recipes.

For example, the pasta recipes in this one of the most famous pasta recipe are masala pasta recipe

Pasta is a Famous Italian Food which is fast catching up with our urban population. Just like Pizza, some people like this food a lot. Pasta is usually prepared with lots of creams and sauce, but you hardly find Indian taste in it. A Recipe which is Masala veg Pasta, as its name suggests it is pure Indian Style Pasta Recipe by using healthy ingredients and veggies.

It is one of the Healthy Instant Breakfast u can try in your kitchen in quick time.
So here in this category, we have one food which is called pizza which is like famous with youngsters. It was not easily available everywhere and you will just get it in places like dominos, pizza hut etc. but as the craze increased there are lots of brands and joints which serve pizza and one more thing about this food is its price its slightly on a higher side compared to other food.

Veg Cheese Pizza... one of those recipes which have fast caught up with the urban population of our Country...Pizza...The name itself gives some people fond memories and mouthwatering moments spent ordering & Waiting for the delivery...why worry about price ,in less amount….do try this at home instead of Ordering and Enjoy.

With this, the same kind of recipe is called a burger which is also made of bread and cheese as like pizza, but with the different taste and presentation.

In this category, a lot of varieties of burger recipes are there, but I like to mention or refer one of the simple burger recipes called Aloo-tikki burger.
Aloo Tikki Burger... It's an Indo Western fusion Recipe which combines aloo tikki and soft bun... Do try this simple yet tasty Recipe, bread, bun and bakery food lovers definitely will like this burger recipe.

As these form of foreign foods are available in both veg and non-veg category. These tasty and delicious international recipes are making very good business in our country because of the varieties and taste what they are offering.

But the cost of these foods are bit higher side to eat and enjoy an average earning person in a restaurant every time , but we can try or prepare these food in our kitchen with help of a good recipe guide, we can prepare as much as delicious and tasty pasta, pizza, burger etc. recipes in our kitchen.

Here I mentioned only those that are the most popular recipes in India, but in restaurant’s we can get a lot of different famous cuisines like Chinese, American, Mexican, Thai, etc….just like as our famous Indian recipes are available in foreign restaurants as Indian cuisines.

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