Beverages are without a doubt one of the easiest and healthiest ways to reap the benefits of cannabis. Whether you like to drink it hot or cold cannabis tea is often a favorite. Like many other teas it is therapeutic and full of health benefits. The biggest difference in drinking cannabis tea is you have strong, long lasting effects. The most obvious difference is you avoid any involvement of your lungs. Instead the plant’s properties are absorbed sublingually and through your stomach.

In general, smoking has a bad reputation which stems primarily from big tobacco. The deadly effects of nicotine are undeniable. It has a high toxicity and consequently a high fatality rate due to its cancer causing properties. We go into more detail on this here. Unfortunately because of this smoking cannabis also holds a poor reputation in some circles, despite holding very different properties. A tea can be a great introduction to a non-smoker or someone who is health conscious.

To avoid consuming directly into the lungs some people opt for natural healthy edibles or beverages. Even if you prefer to smoke weed, it gives your lungs a break. In 2020, COVID-19 has really brought lung health into the forefront of people’s minds. The coronavirus affects people differently but it predominantly shows its effects by harming the lungs. If your lungs become irritated or inflamed they are more prone to damage than if maintained in a pristine manner. Why not give edibles and beverages like cannabis tea a try? 2020 seems like a great year for a trial.

Cannabis tea is one of the most common ways to drink the plant. It’s not a new method. In fact, it’s been prominent in many cultures for hundreds of years. It can be a viable option whether your intentions are medical or recreational. This article later explores the many health benefits of cannabis tea but the main take away should be this. Want to bypass your lungs and reap the same benefits? Try cannabis tea or any other edible.
What’s the Difference Between Cannabis Edibles, Beverages and Inhalables?
Drinking cannabis products, like tea, are often slow to take effect but long lasting. A beverage could have a light, non-psychoactive effect which is used to enjoy the therapeutic health benefits. A THC infused tea, like Temple Tea Moroccan Mint, could bring a mellow high an hour or so after drinking it. People find it has an effect similar to other edibles, like brownies.

Smoking or vaping tends to hold the effects of cannabis different due to the way it is absorbed into the lungs. Eat an edible and it goes through your digestive tract and absorbs into the stomach. Drink a tea and it will do the same plus be absorbed sublingually, depending on the beverage.

Eating or drinking a CBD infused product is a great way to enjoy the medicinal properties of cannabinoids and avoid feeling high. You can’t do that if you smoke natural weed because the cannabinoids are not separated. In the same way, if you decide to make your own natural, healthy edibles or tea from buds or stems then keep in mind you will have the full effects but it may take longer to kick in.

To maximize the benefits of a full-bodied, homemade cannabis tea then it’s best to follow the same principles as any edible. Start with a low dose and wait for it to kick in without consuming more. Most people will metabolise the tea within an hour.

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