Some of today’s parents are of the opinion that traditional schooling is not the right way to educate their children. Instead, they believe in home schooling.

Home schooling involves teaching the students at the home itself. Choosing a home-school over a public one requires sufficient courage on the part of the parents. It is an out-of-the-box concept which might not seem appealing to many of us since we do not dare to think beyond the mainstream ideas of sending our children to the public schools. But is home schooling a good idea?

To answer this question, we will discuss about the various benefits that home schooling has over the other method of schooling:
• You can teach your kid whatever you want to and exactly in the way you want. This is obviously not possible in the traditional method of schooling. In such a school, the board, school authorities and the teachers are there to decide everything and do not let you interfere.
• The students receive individual care which is not really possible in the school where the teacher cannot really provide the sufficient care to each of the students due to the high batch strength.
• There is no chance of being bullied by the other students or exposing your child to other similar threats. Your child will receive education in the safe and secure environment of your home.
• If your child is mentally or physically challenged, it is you who can take the best care of him or her while teaching them. This is not possible in an educational institution no matter how caring the staffs are.
• It becomes easier to monitor how the students are progressing with respect to their studies. These days the children refuse to share things with their parents and as a result, it becomes difficult for the latter to comprehend the condition of their studies. Yes, you can keep track of their performance by viewing their mark-sheets but that is not sufficient for analyzing their conditions as students.
• At a home school, you will not only be able to teach the different subjects and topics to your children but also the moral and ethical values that today’s generation lacks. Yes, you can always teach these things to them even if they go to a public school. But what happens in reality is, you are not fully aware of what the Ethics classes teach your children and hence cannot find out what exactly to teach. Moreover, there should be a proper way of teaching these to them otherwise they will consider it unimportant and useless. Once you start teaching them at your home, you can fix proper schedules for different subjects and include Ethics in the time-table. This will allow for a more systematic way of learning and ensure that your children learn the values in a better way.
• The advancement of technology has erected a virtual wall between every two of us. We do not feel like talking to or sharing things with our family members anymore. Instead, we prefer to spend time on playing games in the tablet. If you send your child to a public school, the distance between you and your little one will keep on increasing. They will have to stay in the school for quite a large duration and this will curb the time of your interaction with them. Home school, on the other hand, allows you to spend almost the entire day with your children.
You can utilize this time to connect yourself more with them apart from teaching a variety of things. It thus brings you closer to your children.
• The political disputes in the different schools are considered to be another hindrance to the selection of public schools by the parents.
For all these reasons, the number of parents believing in home schooling has increased manifold in the last few years. Many of the middle-class parents have showed the courage to think in a different way instead of sending their wards to the public schools.
Thus, parents cannot look for a better place to teach their children! Let “Home, sweet home” be your child’s new school!

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