When from one month to the next, the stork lets itself be desired and the dream clouded by disappointed expectations, couples often have no choice but to turn to assisted reproductive technology (ART).

Assisted reproductive technology (ART) is the general term which designates all medical interventions which aim to promote and / or induce pregnancy. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the process that allows the egg to be fertilized in the laboratory.

Is IVF painful: Here are the details of different IVF stages?
No, IVF procedure is painful is an absolutely wrong statement.

Step- 1 Establish the protocol-
The first fertility clinic appointment is used to establish the patient's medical profile. We ask about the history of pregnancy, miscarriages, abortions, etc., after which the doctor prescribes a preconception blood test. In some cases, before establishing a protocol and prescribing hormonal drugs, an ultrasound is necessary in order to establish the patient's ovarian reserve. The answer to the question- Does IVF hurt is a big NO.

Start injections-
We then wait for the next period. On day 1 of her period, the patient must call the clinic and then a nurse tells her when to start injecting hormones, always according to the protocol in place.
In an IVF process, taking medication is used to stimulate the follicles and increase the number of oocytes, with the aim of increasing the chances of success. "

The round of ultrasound scans-
Following the first injections, ultrasounds are performed every two to three days to check the effects of the medication on the maturation of the eggs. The quality and size of the follicles are monitored and the dose of the injections is adjusted according to the results. Particular attention is paid to ovarian hyperstimulation (abnormal increase in the ovaries), a complication that we absolutely want to avoid. No, is IVF painful is a wrong statement.

Puncture and sampling-
Generally, around the third ultrasound, the follicles are large enough to be removed and this is when the puncture is performed. We remove as many as possible and put them in contact with the sperm. Is the statement- IVF Procedure is painful correct? - No! The answer is NO.

Fertilization in the laboratory-
The recovered sperm are inserted into the ovum, in the hope of obtaining embryos. Three to five days later, depending on the grading, the best of them are transferred to the uterus and all that remains is to wait for implantation to occur.

HCG levels are expected to increase-
A fortnight later, a blood test is taken to make sure that the level of the gonadotropic chorionic hormone (HCG) increases. If this is the case, it is a good sign, since this hormone is produced only from fertilization.

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