With steroids, there's always a level of uncertainty. Are they good for you? Do they only have negative side-effects? The misconception about steroids having only adverse effects on your health has been largely discredited. For some time now, many types of steroids have been used for different medical purposes.

That’s the case with NPP. This abbreviation stands for nandrolone phenylpropionate, but this steroid is also known under various trade names, such as Durabolin. But what kind of benefits does nandrolone have, and how does it affect your body? Read this article to find out.

What Is NPP and How Does It Work?

NPP belongs to a group of androgen and anabolic steroids, and its use isn't only limited to men. It's often a part of treatments of certain illnesses in women. However, it has both medical and non-medical applications, as competitive athletes and bodybuilders may consume it to enhance their workout results.

Also, it's possible to find this substance in the human body naturally. It's usually present in an insignificant amount, but specific foods can trigger its production in larger quantities.

Namely, certain meats contain nandrolone. Therefore, if you happen to eat lots of horse or boar meat, you may test positive without having taken steroids. That’s why it’s recommended that athletes don’t eat these types of meats.In the past, there have been casesof professional athletes failing drug testseven though they hadn’t taken any forbidden substances.

Let’s return to the medical uses of NPP. When it comes to women, nandrolone is known to help in breast cancer treatment, especially in its more advanced stages. Also, it’s a part of osteoporosis therapy. In men, this steroid helps treat prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia (prostate enlargement), as well as hair loss caused by the lack of testosterone.

Non-medical uses are typically gym-related. The NPP steroid is a performance-enhancing substance, and you take it by injecting it into your muscles.

NPPstimulates muscle growth by increasing red blood cell production and increases your appetite. But how does this help your muscles? Well, you need to take enough proteins daily to make sure you have sufficient strength for your training sessions. With increased appetite, you'll have no problem doing so. When proteins break down to amino acids, steroids make sure they travel to your muscles as fast as possible and help build mass.

Positive and Negative Effects of NPP

As you can see, NPP can have plenty of positive effects when you use the correct dose. Its role in specific medical treatments is undeniable. For people who suddenly lose weight due to chemotherapy or other health issues, NPP can be valuable in gaining back muscle mass and weight in general. It also helps maintain bone density.

In addition, it improves red blood cell production, which is extremely important for your whole body. Primarily, red cell production helps oxygen get to tissues, like your muscles, for instance. The more oxygen the muscles get, the faster they can grow. Another positive effect is reduced soreness after a workout. You’ll recover faster and won’t experience so much pain in your muscles.

It’s also worth mentioning that NPP inhibits the production of glucocorticoids. This will no doubt sound more impressive when we tell you that these are stress hormones. If you take NPP, your body and mind won’t experience as much stress as before.

There are also some side-effects to pay attention to. You should consult your general practitioner before you start taking NPP because there are health risks that contraindicate its use. If you’re allergic to NPP, or any other substance contained in the medicine, you should avoid taking it.

Some common side-effects in women are facial hair growth, voice deepening, increased libido and acne. In men, continuous use of nandrolone phenylpropionate can cause erectile dysfunction and infertility.

However, these side-effects have shown to be less frequent than with other, stronger steroids like synthetically produced testosterone. That's also why its consumers should expect a steady improvement of their muscle mass, rather than an overnight growth.

Getting the Most Out of Your Dose

It’s enough to take a weekly dose of this steroid as it remains in your system for six days, even though some athletes may recommend you take it twice a week. To be sure you’re administering it correctly, consult a doctor and establish the appropriate dose with a professional who knows your medical history.

GymTea offers several safe options when it comes to nandrolone phenylpropionate brands. You deserve a reliable online pharmacy, so contact us with any questions related to the supplement or order itself. If you’re ready to enhance your workouts with NPP, you’re just a few clicks away from experiencing all the benefits this steroid can provide.

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