If you are looking for the best order management system, look no further than Phykon Direct. It is laden with features that set it apart from other order management software.

Phykon Direct will cover all your requirements in order processing. You can aggregate orders from multiple channels, optimize order fulfillment, turn orders around faster with reduced errors and costs.

What makes Phykon Direct unique?

RPA-enabled: Phykon Direct is RPA-enabled. It automates processes to make the order fulfillment cycle faster, more efficient and error-free.

Unified order view: Integrated view of all orders on a centralised interface brings together orders from all channels. It helps you solve problems quickly thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Real time visibility of order history: This OMS system ensures that orders and filled on time and without errors.

Your data and processes are secured through multiple layers of security measures on this order management system.

Forward-thinking clients trust Phykon:

Feedback on our RPA-enabled order management system has been tremendous. Initially, our clients were relying on manual systems leading to process inefficacy and customer dissatisfaction. They were incurring huge costs due to slow, inefficient processes, heavy staffing and human errors. In addition, business owners themselves were directly involved fulltime in processing orders and delivering products. They felt drained, and unable to focus on expanding or marketing their business. They recognized the need to automate their processes and turned to Phykon Direct, the best order management software.

Phykon Direct now helps them maintain their competitive edge through several improvements:

Increased Efficiency:
Process efficiency has increased, and so has employee productivity. Also with a round-the-clock order processing team, they are not under pressure to be constantly available.

Lesser workload:
Phykon Direct makes order processing a breeze. It reduces workload. This enabled them to focus on their core business, without having to run it all themselves. They are now able to address customer queries more swiftly and effectively.

Reduced costs:
They have controlled costs due to reduced errors and thereby reduced runbacks. As a result, they now maintain a happy customer base which translates into greater revenue.

Better work-life balance:
They spend lesser time fire-fighting issues and utilize their time for more value-added work. They are now able to spend time with family and friends.

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Phykon creates sophisticated solutions powered by Robotic Business Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence to make your business futureproof. Let’s join hands to discover how Phykon can help your organization achieve the next level in profitability and productivity by leveraging the power of RPA, Affordable RPA software, AI in contact centers and back offices.