There is probably no worse feeling in the world than when that first wave of panic starts to take over your body. Suddenly, you don't recognize who you are or what you're doing. Everything is racing at a hundred miles per hour. It's a runaway train that you have no way of stopping.

Have I pretty much hit the nail squarely on the proverbial head?

If you're reading this right now, you've probably tried several anxiety treatments. You also probably dealt with the horrible side effects. Yes, the wonders of modern medicine. The cure is worse than what ailed you. So you're probably asking yourself, "Is there a safe anxiety treatment that works?"

Thankfully, the answer is yes. But before we get to that, there are a few things you need to understand about anxiety and why and how it's doing what it's doing to you and your life.

Anxiety is not a disease like cancer or leukemia. But it is very real. The causes are varied, which makes this condition so hard to treat. A cancer cell is a cancer cell, but anxiety that's not so easily defined.

It can be caused by any number of things such as stress at work or school, a breakup in a relationship or marriage, money problems, (who doesn't have those?) a traumatic event or abuse, and even insufficient oxygen from being in a high altitude.

Unless you have a serious chemical imbalance in your brain (which is always a possibility) most likely your anxiety is caused by external forces in your life that may or may not be within your control.

For example, someone just getting fired from a job and facing the prospect of being homeless is a prime candidate for anxiety. Perhaps this is something you can relate to. Lots of people can%u2026believe me.

What's important, and this is something that can reduce your anxiety by a considerable amount without doing anything else, is to assess your life and the current situation. Determine just what IS causing your anxiety. Then, ask yourself THIS question.

"What is the worst thing that can possibly happen?"

In most cases, you will find the worst case scenario isn't really that terrible. Short of life and death, nothing is really that bad when you put it into perspective.

So by simply getting a hold of yourself and taking a deep breath, thinking all the while, "what's the worst that can happen?" I think you will find that, eventually, the anxiety will subside and even dissipate. Do this enough, and you may never have another anxiety attack as long as you live.

However, if this doesn't work (nothing is full proof) there are other things you can try that I'm confident will do the trick.

Keep things in perspective. When you feel an anxiety attack coming on, take a deep breath. Nothing is ever truly as bad as it seems. For more information on this subject, check out the link below. In the meantime, do yourself a favor. Keep things in perspective. When you feel an anxiety attack coming on, take a deep breath. Nothing is ever truly as bad as it seems.

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