Japanese Hair Straightening is a new development in hair care. It's a fairly revolutionary way for people with troublesome curly hair to have straight hair and is designed primarily for Caucasian hair.

So, does it work for everybody? Yes, to varying degrees. The tighter your natural curl is, the less dramatic the result is. However, in almost all cases the result is such that hair is far more manageable and controllable, even African and Asian hair. And how long does Japanese hair straightening last? It's depending on your hair type, the tightness of your natural curl, and hair length, the out growth will need to be treated in six to nine months. In other words, it's twice a year.

Japanese Hair Straightening was developed in Japan four years ago. It not only straightens the hair but counters humidity and its effects on hair -- namely frizziness and extra volume.

Not everyone is suitable for the treatment. Before the process, a pre-test to the health of the scalp and the appropriateness of the hair is needed.

The procedure usually lasts about four months and the cost varies from $400 to $1,000. People with very long hair can expect to pay considerably above that price range.

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