“So What Can We Do?”

“True Story of a Gardener Who Traveled All Over”

Jesus said, “Don’t Do What You Hate”. And many people in this day and age are always doing things they hate, in fact, they loathe what they do… and don’t want to be there in the first place. Live a Simple Life - Be Happy!

Doing What We Hate Creates Animosity

Doing something we hate creates animosity, hatred, and anger. There is no reason for all of that, there’s are lots of things we can do if we put our mind to it… and try a little harder. And the more anger we have inside the more stress we have and that stress sets off a cascade of inflammation that creates all kinds of diseases.

It All Boils Down to Money

People will do just about anything for money. But in the end, money doesn’t make us happy.

Personally, I have met lots of people who had lots of money who were absolutely miserable. They were always looking over their shoulder to see who was trying to take their money. Always trying to make more money and always trying to have more money than someone else. And in the end, they were not happy at all. And I would do some consulting for these people and in the end because they were not willing to change they were not happy.

True Story - A Happy Man Mowing the Lawn

I remember when I lived in Monterey, California, I met a man who was about 40 years old who worked for the city. He was a person who took care of the landscaping around the parks and walkways and mowed the lawns and cut the bushes and he loved his work. He made a modest living but he was amazingly happy taking care of the landscaping. We would have long conversations as I walked by doing my 5 miles of walking in the morning. He was always upbeat and cheerful and enjoying life doing his simple job.

City Worker Who Stays with Kings and Dignitaries

It was only much later that he told me about his wonderful but small house which was very eclectic and fun filled with all the simple collectibles he had bought here and there. Plus, he met people in high positions while mowing the lawns and trimming bushes… even kings and dignitaries… and they wanted him to visit and stay with them… so he traveled for free… pretty amazing!

I think people enjoyed having him around because he was always happy and enjoyed his life to the fullest. People were drawn to him because he was simple and unpretentious, and they could talk to him easily. So this simple man ended up meeting lots of wonderful people and staying in their homes and enjoying a super life around the world. — A True Story — I can still see his face now.

So Remember - Do Something You Enjoy and Be Happy!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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