As I was walking the dogs this morning and praying as I always do something amazing happened that was powerful.

I was walking and praying as I have for 30 years. Every single morning I have the ritual of praying while walking our little dogs for about 1 1/2 miles in the early morning hours just before dawn.

I was praying to St. Ignatius of Loyola who is one of the Entities of Light that works through John of God. St. Ignatius and I have a running conversation going now but most of the time it’s St. Ignatius talking to me and I’m listening. And St. Ignatius came to me and said: “From now on you will be able to see the Orbs of light anywhere, without the aid of cameras or any other device. You will be able to see them plainly where ever you go”.

The Orbs of Light are Every Where

And all of a sudden I could see spiritual orbs everywhere. Not just in one place but all over… the air is thick with Spiritual Orbs or Entities of Light.

I was taken back, I was in awe, and I was speechless because this was a gift, a great gift to be reminded 24/7 of the power and majesty of that which is all pervading on this planet… LOVE.

Orbs of Light Around My Body

And at the same time, a few orbs of light gathered around my body and they were full of white light. The light was protective and would lead me according to the great plan… Thy Will Be Done.

And there was a huge feeling of love that surrounding me, a feeling that I’ve felt only on a few fleeting occasions. But this time that feeling did not go away, it stayed with me. Most the time the feeling of unconditional love is comes and goes… but now it’s here to stay.

All Part of the Great Divine Plan

This is all part of the divine plan… the healing that’s generated by the Entities of Light. And we are still healing… because we observing the simple rules of simple ways of living for a couple months after seeing John of God. This process opens up the chakras and fills our chakras with light, and our chakras start to rotate and move thus awakening a person from their human dream.

Living the Human Dream

We are living the Human Dream as spiritual beings. Most people feel the other side of the veil is the true dream. But the reality is… that is not the case at all, we are living the human dream now. And now is the time to awaken from our slumber. It’s time for all of us to accept our role as Divine Beings of Light.

We have the power to help those who are suffering… and make a huge difference in the world.

Have You Awakened From Your Slumber?

Perhaps Now is the Time.

Dr. Paul Haider

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