With the number of Coronavirus cases increasing, you may be wondering how to protect yourself from getting sick. There are some measures such as sanitizing your workplaces, washing your hands and avoiding touching the face, which can help prevent you from contracting the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Proper handwashing is the easy solution to prevent infections in this unprecedented time. The best way to get prevented from the attack of infectious agents is washing hands with soap and water, the physical scrubbing helps remove viruses and bacteria. But it is not always convenient to carry soap and water. So at that time, hand sanitizer is the perfect solution. It keeps you safe by killing microbes including the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. If you are wondering where to buy hand sanitizer these days, it has become harder and harder for everyone, especially when you are set on finding a hand sanitizer that has a high alcohol content to effectively kill viruses.
Kairali Hand Sanitizers, a famous product from Kairali Ayurvedic Group are popularly known for their usefulness of cleaning hands by wiping out germs and infections. Choosing the correct hand sanitizer can be quite tricky. This toxic free, Allergy certified is safe to use and it is also an alcohol based hand sanitizer. These types of hand sanitizers are quite more effective at killing bacteria and viruses from the hands in just a few seconds. As per government directives, it should contain 60-70% of alcohol and kill various types of viruses or bacteria in a few seconds. They are less irritant to the skin and cause no allergies. It possesses antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that show germs fighting ability. Kairali has become a trusted brand in India when it comes to personal hygiene. This hand sanitizer kills effectively up to 99.9% bacteria or germs from the hands without using soap and water, leaving behind a sweet and everlasting fragrance. The moisturizers present in hand sanitizers keeps your hand supple, soft and germ-free. It is specially formulated to be non-sticky and rinse free. Kairali hand sanitizers are also available in bulk packaging options of 5000ml, 50 ltrs and 250 ltrs. This liquid sanitizer can be filled in a pump or dispensers, ensuring that it remains uncontaminated from other things. It is non-irritating, non-toxic that will suit all skin types and is perfectly safe for family use. Kairali hand sanitizers ensure that your workplaces should be clean and hygienic before entering the office. Maintain the office hygiene using Kairali Hand Sanitizer. This toxic free, allergy certified hand sanitizer is effective in cleaning and wiping surfaces such as desks and tables and objects such as keyboards and telephones. Kairali hand sanitizer effectively kills 99.9% germs or bacteria from the surfaces in a few seconds, leaving behind a sweet and long lasting fragrance. Kairali manufactures sanitizer in a liquid form so that they can be easily filled in the automatic sanitizer dispensers. Putting liquid in the dispensers in prominent places around the workplace is the best way to remind employees to use it as often as possible. Make sure these dispensers are regularly filled.
Kairali hand sanitizers protect you and your family by acting as a trusted partner for health and safety. It ensures personal hygiene and complete sanitation of workplaces, homes, institutes and hospitals.

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