Nature has designed life on earth with finest precision & in case of humans this precision is further optimized. We have utilized our physical and mental make to evolve at the fastest pace & ultimately emerge as the victors on this planet. However, our march forward has been really swift, especially in last few decades, when the developmental fruits of early stages started to act as catalysts.

Rapidly expanding society and economy led to more pressure in the life of ordinary individual including the children who are overburdened with lot of educational tasks and deadlines related to them. Such lifestyle has led to changes in our physical and mental capacities; apart from some generic reactions also that confront us today as challenges of health! Arthritis is one such condition that affects millions around the world. Ayurveda – the  ailments at depth and offered remedies to cure them. These remedies have become more significant in modern age as such conditions are rapidly increasing in numbers. Kairali is a brand that is synonymous with Ayurveda because of its ten decades old practice and production in Ayurveda. Kairali offers dedicated Ayurvedic cure for arthritis through Cheriya rasnadi kashayam that promises relief in arthritis and its symptoms of pain and swelling in the joints. Other products of Kairali for arthritis cure include Kaisore gulgulu and Balathailam.

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is mainly diagnosed through its profound symptoms which include pain and swelling in the joints as also allied joints stiffness and limited mobility. Such symptoms are considered profound because these are capable enough to affect the quality of life in a major way; and in severe cases, the person could get almost disabled due to reduced mobility even for day to day functions of life routine. Joints of knee are mostly affected with these symptoms and thus locomotor movement is at stake. However, arthritis is a subclass of rheumatism which is basically an auto immune disorder; which means that immune system responds aggressively to the extent of creating more loss than protection. While there are 100 types of known arthritis that affect global population, the two main types include osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The latter is more problematic to cure because it being an auto immune disorder. However, Ayurveda attempts rheumatism at its core and the underlying bio functions that are responsible for it are targeted to be corrected. Kairali has developed its Cheriya Rasnadi Kashayam and Balathailam as the best natural remedies for arthritis. These herbal products are formulated as per the recommendations made in the authentic chronicles of Ayurveda by sages and practitioners centuries ago.

The risk factors of arthritis –

Arthritis, particularly the rheumatoid type is still a matter of research and attempts are being made to find out the causes of it. However, this auto immune disorder has offered clues through its risk factors only. Stress (psychological) has been considered as one of the prime reasons that aggravate this condition while also negating the treatment results. Genes (heredity) is another factor that has been found linked in most cases of rheumatoid arthritis which show family history of this condition passing from generation to generation.

Arthritis cure through specialty products of Kairali

Kairali’s Ayurvedic products for arthritis have been developed to balance the doshas in the body which give rise to unsought immune disorders and associated rheumatism conditions. Such a therapeutic concept is in contrast to the modern medicine system wherein only symptoms of arthritis are treated while the underlying factors remain the same. However, the need to live a healthy lifestyle is emphasized in Ayurveda also so that the risk factors are never spilled beyond the safety threshold. Avoidance of stress and improving digestive health is also recommended as part of arthritis healing. Controlled stress helps in curbing the release of bad bio chemicals (stress hormones – cortisol and inflammatory agent - histamine) while good digestive health helps clear the toxins from the body. Kairali’s products - Cheriya Rasnadi Kashayam, Kaisore gulgulu and Balathailam have been developed to relive the stress, clear the toxins and reduce pain and inflammation symptoms in joints.

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Kairali’s Ayurvedic products for arthritis have been developed to balance the doshas in the body which give rise to unsought immune disorders and associated rheumatism conditions.