Keep Your Husband “Into You” Forever!
Ever wondered how some wives seem to be able to keep their husband so “into” them even after many years of marriage?
Simple! They work at it by doing little things on a regular basis.

Sex in long-term marriages can become stale and spark-less when it gets repeated in the same way and sometimes it can even be neglected all together.
There are many challenges to a marriage and the lack of a passionate sex-life can be very dangerous to the health of your marriage.

Being sexy for each other does not necessarily mean having the perfect body, racy lingerie or being on a romantic holiday.
Keeping you husband turned on and “into” has more to do with your attitude towards him.
However, what turns a man “on” can differ significantly from what works for a woman.
So how does a wife keep her husband “into” her forever?

• Admire him! One of the surefire ways to get your husband paying attention to you is to let him know all the things you appreciate about him.

If he has worked hard to keep his figure through the years, let him know.
Is he a great father to the kids? Then say so!
Taking one another for granted can spell trouble for any marriage and is something that has to be actively guarded against, especially in long-term marriages.

• Initiate sex with him! In many marriages it is the husband who often makes the first overtures to having sex. But this need not be so and the very uniqueness of the wife making the first moves is enough to turn on the husband to new heights.
Women in general tend to be self-conscious about their body image and resist becoming completely vulnerable during these times of intimacy. A man wants to know that he is giving pleasure and counts on your genuine responses for encouragement or he himself will become tentative and unsure about sex with you.

• Open your eyes! No more turning off the lights and closing your eyes during sex with your husband.
To keep your husband “into” you, look into his eyes and let him see, enjoy and take pleasure in the pleasure you are giving each other. This can feel strange at first, because you may not have connected so intensely in years or maybe ever, but believe me it is worth it!

Sex is a major component of a fulfilling and enduring marriage and many husbands and wives enjoy this physical intimacy deeply and whole-heartedly and remain “into” each other forever.
I hope you have been one of those very fortunate wives who have been successful in your efforts to keep your husband’s attention at home and focused lovingly on you throughout your marriage.
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Yvonne Finn is a Pro Marriage Mentor and has enjoyed a 38 year long marriage herself.
Yvonne admits that marriage can be challenging at times, but more than worth the effort to protect and cherish this most intimate of human relationships.
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