Play outside with your family or friends or you just want to stretch your muscle with ping pong, now is not as hard as you thought. Having your own ping pong table is not a dream anymore. You can play outside with your family on a sunny day with no worry your table tennis table would dull by the UV light. Here comes Kettler Top Star XL Outdoor Table Tennis Table. Gets 4.5 stars from costumers review from Amazon, this ping pong table is everything you need to play ping pong outside your house.
High quality material

Playing ping pong outside need a durable material than indoor playing. The most important thing from ping pong table is the flat top of the table. Ping pong table should make your ping pong ball bounce perfectly without any obstacle. Kettler Top Star XL Outdoor ping pong table with six layers of the table, including the 7/8” patented ALU-Tech underside, resin treated board, aluminum top sheet, double coating and on top of them all is the UV resistant finishing. Very suitable for your outdoor ping pong playing. The ALU-TECH is a technology with capability to control the table when having different climate in sudden.

Perfect layers on table top makes this Kettler ping pong table has ultra smooth and anti-reflective technology. All those excellence on its top makes your ping pong ball bounce perfectly, certified True Bounce tournament top. You would not need extra energy to move this ping pong table out. Equipped with large 5 ½” dual wheel caster make it easier for you to move around this table tennis table. Easy to open and fold, also safe with DLS dual lock safety mechanism to prevent accidental closing when you in the middle of playing or accidental opening when you move it to storage place.

Play outside
Bore with indoor playing, then go outside to play ping pong. With all those excellence from this table, it is very suitable for outdoor and would long last due to its high quality material. With four strong legs would keep your ping pong table stand strong outside your house. With Space Saver Technology allow you to keep this ping pong table in a narrow place, because this table has toght profile with low center of gravity for compact storage
Also with all its compatibility, fold one side of the table, then you can play alone with bounce your ping pong to the other folded side of table. Play as long as you want with no worries because this Kettler outdoor ping pong table has durable material and would keep you safe while playing.

Completed with package
It will not be complete if you buy this Kettler Top Star XL Outdoor table without the accessories. You will need the Kettler Heavy-Duty Outdoor Table Tennis Cover to cover up your ping pong table when you keep it. Keep your ping pong table from dust or any other particle when you keep it on your wall side or your warehouse. Also equipped your ping pong table with Kettler 7244-100 4-Player Table Tennis Set.
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