The essential feature of modular kitchen is to maintain the kitchen organized. To complete this task, it is important to select the storage neatly depending on the cooking style of the owner within the available storage space to create everyday cooking a pleasant experience. Before you organised the modular kitchen and choose the shelves, take a look at these below points which will actually be helpful to you in the long term.

1. ​Organizing the cutlery

Maintaining the cutlery steady and good keeping is quite in kitchen. It does not matter what you do, it maintain on joining and invading each other space. It create sense to organised the drawers with in-built cutlery maintaining tray with departure defining the space for it depending to its size and shapes. Maintain the cutlery drawers holding ,forks, spoons tong, knifes, serving bowls, ladles cooking utensils, etc. under the counter space but away from cook top for much comfortable. For other kitchen accessories which are not used for cooking should be kept on the wall cabinets also.

​2. Tall unit with embedded gadget garage

Create it a part of your modular kitchen and form one big unit in your kitchen and if style that consents then restraint in the gadget garage with this large unit. This large unit will be a advantage in the kitchen as it can used as pantry. Exploit the tall of the kitchen to its highest so that enough space can be made for storing the things at one place.

3. Pull out handiness :

It create sense to take pull-out drawers of particular sizes instead having same height. In addition the artistic beauty the particular height of the drawers lead into the space, it also creates room to apt all from small jars to big utensils into it. Being pull-out it makes convenient to use where you don’t need to struggle to stretch up to the edge of the drawers. Modular drawers also brings with compartments dividing the storage space for much organized space. Have a designed depending on your needs. because everyone drawers comes with density it can hold. Follow the limit for the long term life of the space. Avoid heavy work and handle the drawers with most care otherwise it will last durability.

​4.Pull-out for bottles:

Bottle pull-out is an smart feature in modular kitchen particularly if styled for Indian kitchen where every cooking needs oils. Also it can easily be restrained in a thin space thus optimise the usage of storage space along with creating the life in kitchen more convenient. Maintain two or three shelves and optimize the size of the shelves depending on the size of bottles to maintain. Because the shelves of the stainless steel will be easy to maintain rust proof too.

​5.Maximizing the corner:

Corner is the smart challenging storage space to work in kitchen. Design the corner unit intelligently so that it slides in and out easily thus creating the maximum use of the storage space. Lot of resources available for the corner. choose what’s most important for the corner of your kitchen.

​6. Under the sink space :

There is enough space to use here but if designed to proper planned and executed smartly it can create room for cleaning supplies and dustbin etc. Ensure that you make a cabinet door and drawers to cover up them from direct view, organizing the artistic of the storage space. Even Though the bottom of the sink and plumbing work that use most of the storage space here, still there is sufficient storage space left to be used otherwise just permits it go waste.

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