For teachers it is a challenge to make English grammar classes engrossing and absorbing for students to ensure their maximum engagement. Teachers who are looking to make every lesson great for the students, they must keep in mind the essentials. They need to come up with innovative ways and tricks to teach the simple and advanced modules of the subject and keep boredom at bay. Here are some keys and approaches to effective teaching of grammar explained.

Connect with the specific learning styles of the students:

The best lessons on grammar integrate all the learning styles of the students including visual, auditory, kin-esthetic, reading/writing etc. Teachers of grammar can easily incorporate practical aspects to their lesson, which would benefit all students or particularly include activities that will interest learners of different learning styles. Undertaking a course in teaching grammar will facilitate both active and aspiring teachers to introduce elements and activities that will make grammar classes interesting for the learners.

Don’t’ fall into the lecture mode

Students don’t like the usual long and boring lectures on grammar. If teachers fall into the lecture mode, they will do all the talking. Besides that students will get fewer opportunities to communicate in class and therefore the less time to speak in English. The best grammar lessons are those which involve students more and let them communicate rather than teachers.

Educators can opt for the discovery method of teaching grammar, where they give students an exercise on the target structure along with the answers before the concept is taught. It engages more students and makes the classes more interesting. It will also challenge the students and help them explore the grammar rule on their own and memorize them for a longer time.

Include practical classes

Teachers should monitor how much students have learnt from the grammar classes. So besides teaching, they should also give the students a chance to practice. They should push the students all the way and test their knowledge.

Incorporating practical classes will help them know about the progress that students have made. From engaging conversation with classmates, to filling up the blanks with proper prepositions to writing a paragraph or solving a comprehension, teachers can indulge in plenty of activities to make the grammar classes interesting and testing the grammatical knowledge of the students. A course in teaching grammar would be perfect for those educators who want to make their teaching more effective in classroom by upgrading their skills and enriching their knowledge. The course will equip them with expert tips and suggestions to facilitate effective learning of students in grammar.

Put emphasis on communication

It is needless to say reading and writing are the best ways to learn. A communicative classroom can foster knowledge and skills of the students in the best possible way. It is one that focuses verbal interaction between students. It means applying abstract knowledge into practice and utilizing English in speaking or writing. However it is all about thinking outside the box and doesn’t mean assigning exercises from the text book. It is all about including a communicative activity that strengthens the base of the students in grammar and makes lessons enjoyable.

A communicative activity can also help learners achieve a real life goal. For instance, if grammar educators are teaching modals, asking learners to discuss about steps that could be taken to improve the classroom or the school grounds. It will offer them a chance to practically apply the language and then allow them to get engaged in conversation by using the language.

There are many ways teachers can make grammar lessons effective and engaging for students. Going for a course in teaching grammar would help them explore new ways of teaching and get professional tips to improve as a teacher.

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