So, the much awaited holiday season is here!

It’s time that the marketing teams of the businesses around the globe roll up their sleeves and plan the biggest email marketing campaigns of the year!

Here are the best tips that can help create killer email marketing campaigns for this holiday season.

Design your emails with mobile in mind:
A mobile phone is the only thing that one carries without fail, almost everywhere. Even if it’s the holiday season, even if the person is headed towards a faraway destination, a mobile phone is one of the most important things a person would be carrying.

With the entire world turning mobile today, a smartphone is a very first thing a person turns to when he wishes to make an online search. So, it’s imperative that each and every marketing endeavor of a business should be designed keeping mobile in mind.

As a matter of fact, around 54 percent of subscribers view their emails on a mobile device.So, you need to make sure that the holiday email templates you design render well across all devices.

Use real-time content that grabs visitors’ attention:
A person would be getting hundreds of emails every day and you obviously do not want your marketing email to be “just another mail” piled up in that inbox, isn’t it?

So, what can you do about it?

Well, you can start up with an attention-grabbing subject line that’s personalized with the customer’s name and is packed with power words. Make it more engaging by asking a question and adding some emojis to it.

Next, make use of real-time content in the email so as to strengthen your email marketing strategy. You can do this by adding a dynamic countdown timer in order to create urgency in emails. This would effectively help you promote your sales, shipping deadlines and more.

Leverage the targeting and segmenting technique:
Personalization is what the customers love today!

Give them what they desire. Leverage AI, machine learning and other such technologies to dig deeper into your customers’ interests. The data hence garnered can then be used to segment your customers and accordingly practice relevant e-mail targeting.

Once you’ve known what your customers desire, you can put up customized offers which appeal to their specific needs. Tap into your subscribers’ emotions, and use your email to make it easy for them to fasten up their buying process.

Do not forget to thank your customers for being with you:
The holiday season is the best time to be grateful to everyone who has been there with you.

Why not make the most out of it and design a grateful email marketing strategy? After all, behind all those email ids, there are real people who have been your customers for quite some time now.

Thank your customers for choosing to be with you.Take a moment to show your appreciation and let them know they are valued.

Follow these tips and make the most out of your email marketing campaign!

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