Whenever a pimple comes on your face, your beauty becomes damage. Wrong eating habit, Makeup on Face, Tension and Hormone disturbances are considered for the pimples. In the summer days, sweat and stickiness, wrinkles, black-Brown Spot, Blackheads, Nail acne and Sweat Smell are the main problems that we have to face, pimples is general problem in this weather, but you know that you can get relief from the pimples with the help of home remedy, Now we are going to show you 7 wonderful tips by which you can remove your pimple but also invisible your pimple’s Spot.

Make Treatment with Leaf Leaves

In the Indian Food, leaf leaver takes a special position. In the moment of festivals and many happy occasions, Leaf Leave has to join. This Leave helps indigestions, so after eating, this leaves takes as the tradition and the good thing is that this leaf leaves may help to remove your pimples, for that you don’t have to do more effort because it is simple treatment.

First of all, take 3-4 leaf leaves, clean & wash them, then mix it with one tablespoon turmeric and form a past.
Put this paste on the acne and apply the remaining paste on the face. The leaves of paan leaves are cold and they ease the acne. Turmeric has antibacterial properties, which eliminate bacteria from the face, causing acne scars to move easily. Use this recipe for 7 days a day for 1 or 2 times a day. From the third day, you will see the effect.

Use bathing pan while bathing

Pan leaves are very potent. If you are troubled by sweat stomach and acne during the summer, then you can use pan leaves while bathing. For this, put 3-4 leaves of the pan in a bucket of water 2 hours before bathing. Then take a bath with this water in the last. This recipe will give you relief from the odor of sweating and will never have the problem of nail-acne.

Keep these things in mind too

Take such things in the food that the amount of fat and spices are very low. The possibility of exposure to a lot of lubricants, sharp sweet, starchy and spicy food increases.

Take more quantity of fibrous substances. It keeps the stomach clean and the body's toxic substances also get out.

Include such things in your diet, in which zinc is in great quantity. Such as shellfish, soybean, whole grains, sunflower seeds and dried fruits. Zinc is anti-bacterial.

Eat plenty of sour things such as low-fat yogurt Minimize the use of processed foods and iodine salts. There is a lot of iodine in it and it grows so much. Iodine is also found in fish and onions, so stay away from them too.

Do not use alcohol, butter, coffee, cheese, chocolate, cream, cocoa, eggs, meat, poultry products, soft and brominated vegetable oil at all.

Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water daily so that the toxins can get out. Exercise regularly and stay fresh in the fresh air.

Protect the skin from oily as much as possible. Shampoo hair every day. Use the herbal soap, especially for the sake of acne, which contains sulfur. Wash the skin thoroughly, but do not rub much. Rubbing more expands and spreading.

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