Call it lace front wig or lace unit or a hair system; it is a kind of extension that brings you a full and natural hair. People mostly admire natural looking extension and talk about it mostly while wearing in different styles. In this content, you will get to see how to wear lace front wigs to match the outlook for the day.

  • Mesh lace: Lace front wigs with mesh lace are attached in front and beyond the hairline of the wig, which is trimmed, custom-fitted and temporarily glued to your skin. You won’t be able to see where the lace starts or ends. For a natural-looking parting in the hair, such wigs are the best. If you find the difference in full lace wig and lace front wig, you will see the full lace one can be parted anywhere, whereas lace front one is already found parted in a limited portion.
  • Glossy And Straight Hair: Glossy and straight lace front wig can let you flaunt the hair like a celebrity. All you need is a flat iron and shine spray to obtain the prom hairstyle for a perfectly sleek look. You will try lace front wigs in Australia that are built to achieve the classic looks with the bob cut hair that goes perfectly for short or medium length hair.
  • Bring The Curls With Big Waves: Curly hair with big waves can give people a sense of romantic mood, where your partner can play with your curls while spending some cozy moments. Why not pair this hairstyle with your dressing sense? Use the wigs with nurse outfit, a lady sailor outfit or you can knit the side hair with dedicated double angled hair hoop.

But How To Wear The Lace Front Wigs Without Causing Damage?

To make sure the hairpieces you bought online in Australia will go long, here are a few tips to follow-

  • Secure Your Natural Hair: Make sure to secure the hair before applying the adhesive to apply the wigs.
  • Choose The Right: Experts often recommend to choose the right place to buy the wigs, since the bad glue quality can affect the scalp or bad hair quality will lead you an unmanageable styling blunder. Before you wear a wig, do the patch test to ensure there is no allergic reaction and also make sure the adhesives are waterproof.
  • Remove Your Wigs After 6 Weeks: Shampooing won’t be a problem if you wear a wig for 1 week or so. But, for the long-term wear, it requires routine care to maintain your original hair. After cleansing the scalp and hair, dry it thoroughly and make sure the scalp beneath the wig is wet.
  • Wig removal: Generally, it is recommended to wear wigs for 6 weeks after which it can be removed. However, the duration for which the lace front wigs are applied depends on the glue type. However, it is recommended not to remove wig when you’re in a rush. Apply sufficient glue remover to soften the glue and take it off slowly.

Lace front wig has made a comeback while making your hairline look more natural. So, the women who are looking for the alternatives can find it a great choice while choosing the colour and length for a look they want.

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