The internet is not only a source of current affairs and entertainment, today, billions of dollars transactions are made via online for a multitude of legitimate online activities. People have started their own online businesses and making money in various ways. Let's discuss eight different ways to make money online that doesn't take a lot of time. These ways can easily become your supplemental sources of income and if you wish they can be your full-time business as well.

1. Online blogging

One of the most popular methods to make money online is by starting an online blog.
You can choose any topic for blogging that find interesting. But it is best to choose a profitable niche market if you want to make good money from blog.

Your blog can be an effective platform to share your hobbies, ideas, and passions with readers and to establish real connections with them. When you get a decent reader base then you can earn good profit with your blog through online ad publishers, affiliate marketing and enjoy a steady flow of income. There are many ways to make money with a blog.

2) Earn money playing online casino

The gambling industry happens to be the fastest way to make money. There are a plenty of different forms of gambling that one can choose from to invest their earned money into. Some types of gambling offer earning relatively consistent returns and make plenty of money on that. You can try your hand at as this online casino offers some great opportunity to earn money.

As gambling offers explosive growth of money within little time, the popularity of online gambling websites has also risen up with the advancement of technologies and Internet. People are increasingly participating in online casino websites for mainly its convenience and mobility. You just need to have a mobile phone with internet connection and start earning from online casino websites sitting at home.

3) Affiliate Marketing

Another great online earning option is considered to be affiliate marketing. You don't need to have your own product lines or services to sell. Just promote others' products or services online and receive earn huge commissions from it. It can be one-time sales or ongoing monthly sales both. Online merchants will give you an affiliate tracking link or website along with marketing support. all you need to do is to promote their products or services via search engines or social media and even through your own blog.

Other effective methods for affiliate marketing include email marketing, SMS marketing etc. If you focus on building your email list this will help you to generate additional sales. The best part is though you earn high income from selling online products and services you are not responsible to provide any customer support to the buyers. All you need is just having good marketing skills to earn from this fastest growing online industry.

4) Building Own E-commerce Website

If you are passionate about selling physical products from your website, building an E-commerce website is most necessary. This also gives you a great earning opportunity in a hassle free way.
You can sell products on your website through drop shipping method where you will be using a third party source. But the delivery will be made by the manufacturer himself.
You just need to stick to one specific niche in order to become a specialty store to cater that market.
Though you can still sell them via,, Flipkart etc, it is recommended to have your own web presence with your own E-commerce store so that you have full control over your business.

5) Online E-book Publishing

If you love writing and have new ideas then just pen it down and become an author of self published eBook. You can do it at your free time maintaining your existing occupation. Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform offers an excellent opportunity to thousands of writers by giving them an online platform to become published authors and earn money. You may even get noticed by more established publishers.

You can sell your E-books on Amazon as well as directly through your own website. If you sell E-books via own website, this will help you get higher profits without having to share any percentage to Amazon.

6) Online Surveys

Online surveys are very popular way to earn some extra cash. It doesn't require any exceptional skill to participate in various online surveys. Market research firms always look for people's feedback on products and services and they offer good payments for it. Depending on the complexity of the questionnaire participants can earn $5- $10 or even more from each survey.

You can find several reputable survey companies online. But it is best to work with 3-5 companies maximum to begin with. Always choose the survey companies that offer plenty of surveys to participate and pay good amount. Do not get cheated working with scammers. Go through online reviews to learn about the company's payment reputation before joining.

7) Online Freelancing

If you are expert in writing/journalism skills or proficient in web designing or search engine optimization, online freelancing can be quite beneficial for you to earn decent money. A large number of companies are looking for online freelancers to outsource content marketing assignments, and if you have a good expertise in handling such projects there will be more work available for you. Even simple works like data entry can help you create another secondary source of income by just working 10-12 hours weekly. Just ensure you have got a computer with an Internet connection and the consistency and reliability to build a steady clientele. You can even earn as a content writer if you have a passion for writing on various niches including business, fashion, current affairs, gaming and so on. If you prove yourself to be a valuable service provider this will help you to get good client feedback and increase your ratings so that more and more clients are interested in hiring your services.

Author's Bio: 

John Smith is a Digital Marketing Consultant with more than 8 years of experience in SEO, SEM, SMO, blogging, etc having wide knowledge base into content marketing.