Did you know choosing the location where to install your AC unit can impact the energy efficiency as well as durability? And, the results you will get to see in your electricity bills. So, if you make a poor decision about where to install the air conditioner, you will end up paying the high cost as well as hiring someone to fix your cooling unit more frequently than usual. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Properly Ventilated Space for an Outdoor Unit

When it comes to the installation of the aircon unit, there is a large selection of devices you can find in the market. While selecting the device, people often overlook the fact of where to place the indoor and outdoor AC unit. And, it can greatly impact the cooling result as well as energy bills.

The outdoor unit has to be placed somewhere available with proper flow of air. An airconditining unit without proper ventilation causes the hot air to remain there that can affect the cooling.

Experts who work for aircon installation strongly recommend to choose a place with a better shading for cooling unit. If you leave outdoor unit direct under the sunlight, it will get heated and work more consuming the hire electricity. Moreover, it will have more mechanical problems, since it needs to work more in the hot weather. However, with a simple shade on the outdoor unit, you will get a better-performing AC unit.

The Indoor Unit Should Be Away from Your Light Bulbs

To a lot of people it comes up as a mystery that why indoor unit keeps on working even after reaching the set temperature. Well, it is a simple fact that a cooling unit near to any resource of heat couldn’t sense the temperature drop and will keep running nonstop.

Install the Cooling Unit near Your Sitting or Relaxing Area

If you’re planning to buy the cooling unit, it has to be either for your living room or bedroom. However, it’s a fact to understand that a place near to cooling unit is colder than the area on the other end of the room. Also, make sure the cooling sensor should remain inside of the cooling unit, which can sense the minimum temperature near the AC unit. So, it will be a wise decision to install the AC unit near the sitting area.

Better Cooling Comes with High Altitude

This is a simple rule of physics that hot air goes above and cool air comes down. However, if you install the cooling unit near your feet level, it will take a long time to give you required cooling. AC unit at the higher position will cool the room more quickly than the AC unit at a low height. The high altitude also ensures you get enough space for ducting pipe to install in an easy manner.

Types of Air Conditining Unit

There are 3 main types of air conditioning solutions, you can choose from-

  • Split system air conditioner
  • Multi-split air conditioning solutions
  • Ducted air conditioning solutions

So, whether you want to cool individual rooms, being an economical option than other types of air conditioner unit; or a model suitable for large space, choosing the right type of cooling is necessary.

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The author runs aircon installation and repairing business for a long time. Besides the business, the author also writes articles and blogs to make clients aware of some useful facts.