Magento Commerce Cloud is the best hosting platform for Magento commerce software which is fully automated and well managed. Magento Commerce Cloud consists of a range of added features that make it different from on-premise software of Magento Commerce & Magento Open Source platforms

Efficient infrastructure

Magento Commerce Cloud offers a pre-designed infrastructure which comprises of  
Elasticsearch technologies
A workflow based on git with automatic set up and installation for excellent Rapid development & Continuous deployment each time you make changes to the code in a Platform in a (PaaS) environment; easily customizable environment configuration files as well as tools plus AWS hosting which gives highly scalable and secure place for retailing and online business.

Technology pattern

When it comes to Magento Commerce Cloud you can assume it as 5 operational layers as given below
Amazon Web Services (AWS) builds the basic ((IaaS) infrastructure as a Service for Magento Commerce Cloud. Every plan of Magento Commerce Cloud offers a PaaS Integration atmosphere ideal for testing, developing, testing as well as integrating services.
You can get a high level of visibility via performance tools to the performance of the site and PHP profiling. Faster caches site assets and as the customers browse the sites the cached assets load at a faster rate. The IO offloads the image processing and resizes load, vacating servers simultaneously so that the orders are processed faster and leads to conversions flawlessly.
Magento commerce cloud guide for developers

Who can benefit from the course
Magento 2 developers who are working with Magento Commerce (Cloud)
Technical staff carrying out the installation and testing process for Magento projects on Magento Commerce Cloud


Should have the course completed -  Introduction to Magento Commerce Cloud
Knowledge about Git & Git repositories
Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist &Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer certification credential or equivalent
Knowledge of Composer
Been part of Magento 2 Development Essentials course/ equivalent experience
What can Magento certified developers acquire from the course

The main objective of this course is to help the Magento certified developers get prepared to lead their developers’ team who are working on Magento 2 Cloud based projects.

The Magento certified developers will be able to learn the best practices of Magento 2 Cloud along with gaining knowledge about troubleshooting plus integrations. Apart from the theoretical knowledge, you will also get hands-on experience in the process of installation, testing, troubleshooting and operating Magento 2 cloud environment to reap in the benefits of features available on Cloud platform to improve the project performance and activities.

To put it, in short, all that you will learn is
Install the necessary and suggested tools & services that help you work on Magento Commerce Cloud
Install Magento Commerce Cloud and make it go live
Troubleshoot problems that exist in the Cloud environment
Debugging & profiling on Cloud
Setting up Environment

You will learn how to set up the local environment and using other tools
Setting up a local development
Learn to work with Composer
Learn to work with Git
Magento-cloud CLI tool
Connecting Github or Bitbucket
Understanding the installation process
Learning about the processes that exist during installation
earning about Magento Cloud scripts that run at each installation stage
Configurations of Magento Cloud scripts

Static Content Installation
Transfer SCD to build phase
Stop SCD on both the phases
Produce static content if required
Development Process

At this stage, you will learn about
Basics of Magento installation features
Changing a locale
Changing Configurations
Adding extensions
Enabling or disabling a specific module
Knowing the installation process well

New Relic

Snapshots & backups
Fixes in patches
Branch synchronization
SSH tunnels
Support portal
Migration of project to Cloud 
Migration of Magento On-Premises installation
Magento 1 Migration

Magento Commerce Cloud earlier termed as Enterprise Cloud Edition is a version that blends the Magento Commerce, Cloud infrastructure hosting includes some added features like Git integration, key environments used for development, staging along with living production. 
This version helps you easily code, test, install over integration, staging and production stage to get seamless integration of e-store.

Cloud plans consists of
Active Git branches of code.
Robust Composer build process.
Countless Git branches (inactive)
Feature to add completely managed services such as

Elasticsearch, MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ and many more without the need to use external add-ons.

The Magento Commerce Cloud architectures utilize technologies such as
Secure Shell (SSH)
MySQL (along with command-line interaction)

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