Lack Of Mutual Respect In Marriage: How Important Is Respect If You Want To Save Your Marriage

Somewhere along the line, a marriage begins to feel more like an everyday chore; it happens to everybody and not just you and the causes for this are the everyday stresses that life hands you and all the other responsibilities that you need to keep taken care of. So as the months progress, that fundamental rule of a relationship, the hidden meaning of the marriage vows are completely lost- respect and courtesy to one another. However to maintain a lasting relationship, there is no rule more important than to maintain respect for one another.

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Most people think that it would only be a formal courtesy and not a meaningful and serious relationship of the modern world to keep saying things like "please", "thank you" or to maintain respect for your partner's work, career and opinions. Instead couples completely forget to appreciate each other, they choose to ignore each other's help and sometimes even downplay each other's contributions; all this is possible even though a couple might deeply be in love with each other and are hoping for a lasting relationship.

The truth is that it is small things like these, such as losing respect for each other that can actually trigger off a huge problem in the marriage, and this is the reason why often a couple cannot exactly pinpoint the problem that has brought their marriage to ruins. To have a lasting relationship, there is nothing more necessary than respecting and appreciating each other in every way possible and meaning it.

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In marriage, little things can sometimes become major issues. No matter how much you say your marital bond is doing good, there's bound to be some disagreements along the way and most likely, it's the small stuff that causes them. It's been proven time and again that these little issues can become a big blow to the couple if they ignore them and if these problems remain unresolved for long periods of time, the husband and wife could end up separating for good.

Marriage is not a bed roses, as the saying goes, and two people no matter how compatible they may claim to be will encounter conflicts in their relationship at some point in their lives. But whatever the issues are, attitude plays an important part in how couples are able to handle their marriage and resolve their conflicts.

There are steps you can take to avoid these small stuff getting out of hand and ruining your marital relationship. The term avoid is very crucial because it takes effort to do this particularly if the emotions get high in certain situations.

Talking it out with your partner is a must. This is not just about your plans for your family and children as well as for your respective careers, if any, but also about issues that matter to you and that could trigger conflicts. This step will enable you to get to know each other on a deeper level and allow you to develop more wisdom to understand certain things.

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Do understand that it's when things are not said and not known by the other that can cause conflicts. So if there are things in the house, for instance, that you don't like to see, you better share that with your partner. These could be clutter in your room, dishes not washed right away after use, dirty socks and clothes left lying on the floor or a smelly bathroom.

Discuss the reality that small things can be blown out of proportion leading to serious fights and what you can do to avoid them. Again, open communication is essential between spouses to know each other's sentiments and views on life.

Learning how your partner copes with marital issues is another step you can take. Early in your marriage, you can already observe how your spouse reacts to certain issues. Does he or she give you the silent treatment and take a long time to recover? Or is he or she the verbal type who can say so many things in one instant and then cools down as soon as you're done with your discussion?

Finally, commit to resolving your conflicts at the earliest time possible. Don't dwell on them but rather discuss how to settle those issues so you can go back to your usual routine without a heavy heart. Always try to have a positive attitude even amidst your marital conflicts.

There has to be some compromise to make your relationship work and how you view and handle your issues counts a lot in maintaining a strong foundation for your marriage.

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I recently heard from a wife who had received divorce papers while at work. Although she knew that things weren't going so great in her marriage, she was a little shocked that her husband had proceeded and had taken the first steps toward splitting up. The wife was not sure how she should respond. She knew that she was going to have to face him eventually. And she wanted to say and do the right things. She actually did not want a divorce. so she was trying to avoid the things that would make this worse.

But she knew that she couldn't hide her anger and sadness. And, she also had a little voice in the back of her head telling her that she should worry about her own interests and assets. As her anger increased, she became more and more inclined to fight back and to "play hard ball."

My goal was to get her to calm down and to think more deeply about how such a knee jerk reaction would affect her situation. Yes, it might help her release some of her emotions to strike back at him, but this response would only make her job more difficult in the long term. And in this situation, especially if you want to save your marriage, you have to place your attention on long term gains rather than short term ones. I will discuss this more in the following article.

Leave The Legal Strategies To The Experts: I agreed with the wife that it would not hurt to go and see a professional about her situation and her options. Unfortunately, you really shouldn't avoid this side of it. With that said, I'm not a legal expert (or any expert at all) and this article is not going to be about legal strategies.

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However, you should never allow the legal part of this issue to bleed into the emotional and personal part. If you do, you will most likely further damage it. As best you can, try to keep the two things different. You can go and see someone on your own and you really don't need to discuss this at length with your spouse. Saving your marriage, of course, is going to be your first priority, but you probably should not ignore what is going on around you. And that's why it's best to let whoever you chose for the legal aspects (should it come to that) do their job and you place your focus on where it needs to be. This will allow you to save your energy and efforts for what is really important.

Watch To Make Sure That Your Actions And Responses Makes Your Situation, And His Perceptions, Better: I know that it can be a real downer to have to watch what you say and do. You're very likely on edge right now and it's very tempting to just give in to your emotions once in a while. But, that will often come back to haunt you. If you can swing it, try to make sure that most of your actions and emotions (at least those that your husband sees) are part of an overall strategy meant to make him change his perceptions about what he's doing and what he wants.

Your best case scenario, and what you really want, is for him to begin to see you, and the marriage, in a more positive manner. To that end, you want to be calm and in control when you do respond. It's best to just be direct and to try and make him believe that you both want the same things. This is important because if he believes that you are on opposite sides, he is going to try to avoid you more and more.

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So when you face him, get to the point and tell him that you've received the divorce papers and it upset and hurt you, but you can't turn back the clock so you are just going to deal with the reality that is right in front of you. Consider telling him that you're sorry and hurt that he is moving forward, but your bigger concern is that you are able to maintain the relationship - at least in one form or another. Tell him that he's one of the most important people in your life and that, even if the relationship changes into something else, you hope that the relationship itself won't end. Tell him that your goal is that you are both happy, so you don't see the need to do anything that is only going to make you both miserable.

I understand it may be a challenge to pull this off, but it can be important that you do. This will hopefully contribute to his being available to you so that you will have an easier time improving things in the days to come. Your goal is to very slowly gain some ground without pushing too hard. Over time, you want for him to see the same agreeable, fun loving and light hearted woman he first fell in love with. I know that it might feel like a huge challenge, but you want to replace the negative and hopeless thoughts and feelings that he has right now with more positive and hopeful ones.

This probably won't happen over night. But typically if you show him a very calculated reaction that he didn't expect and which pleasantly surprises him, that's generally a good start onto which you can rebuild. I know that the threat of divorce makes this all seem more immediate, but it's very important to not let the panic and desperation cause you to act in a way that hurts rather than helps you.

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When a spouse trespasses against the marriage we may feel many deep-seated emotions. We may feel anger, resentment and disgust. And for good reason, our ego has been bruised. We never thought that our spouse would have sex with someone else; that's just stuff you read about in articles and books. How can we forgive our spouse and when will the hurt stop hurting?

Because your spouse committed adultery do you constantly berate him or her and stick their nose into the dog doo-doo over and over again. Do you wonder why you should forgive? It's surely difficult to forgive, it's true. We don't want to be nice; we want the adulterer or the adulteress to feel shame, guilt and remorse for what they have done against the sanctity of the marriage! But some things that we do in life will take effort and determination.

Forgiveness is God's Will

The reality is if we want to feel better and move on with our life then we must learn to forgive, otherwise we're just hurting our own emotional well-being. We have to change our way of thinking. Did you know that our negative emotions keep us trapped within them because it is the only place we feel protected from more heartache. We use our emotions as a protective barrier from feeling more pain.

But eventually we will have to forgive our spouse. Is your spouse repentant for their indiscretions against the marriage? Have they taken their sin(s) up with Jesus Christ and asked for personal forgiveness? Are they willing to be accountable to you and to God?

If your spouse is repentant, and they want to turn their life back to God and be accountable to you, then it is your obligation to forgive and love the cheating spouse.

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Forgiving is God's will for you and your marriage. It may not seem like it right now but God has a plan for you in your marriage. But if you do your own will it will thwart God's plan for you. Just like when your spouse committed adultery it thwarted God's plan for him or her. God's plan is for sanctity in marriage and for purity of oneself in the marriage. Marriage is the only honorable way to have and enjoy sex.

As Christians it is our responsibility to uphold God's purpose for our lives-our marriage belongs to God! If we are weak in certain areas of our lives then we need to go to God and ask for self-control and perseverance and He will give it to us. God wants us to restore our marriage back to Him. Forgiving a cheating spouse is what love is. Suffering through our inner problems and getting the healing we need, rather than going outside the bounds of marriage is what love is. Learn to love the person you married!

Couples Can Heal After Adultery

Couples can heal themselves after adultery. The adulterer needs to understand "why" they cheated in the first place and not blame or accuse others of their immoral behavior. Don't blame your spouse. We can choose to keep our marriage pure. It's all up to our own willingness to follow God's precepts for our lives. The spouse of the adulterer needs to ask God to help them to "let go of damaging emotions" that may be working against the marriage. Resentment will damage the relationship between married couples more than the act of adultery will.

Healing is an individual process that happens through our relationship with God through Jesus Christ. If our heart and mind is not communicating with God now that means we do not have a personal relationship with Him. If we don't have the faith to believe that God can heal us, or the faith to put God first in our life and marriage we will continue to have difficulties in this life. If our connection to God is somehow severed than we are disconnected from the Vine (Jesus Christ). We need to be connected to the Vine to help us grow in the word by DOING WHAT THE WORD SAYS.

"I am the Vine you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing." (John 15:5)

Couples NEED to be spiritually and emotionally mature in Christ so they may weather the storms of life when they come beating down against the marriage. If you are having a hard time forgiving and loving your spouse after adultery, ask God to help you overcome your negative emotions and headstrong attitude. And if you have faith, He will provide for your emotional and spiritual needs because He says He will!

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