The Orgone pyramids are custom mold built, handcrafted by applying the unique method of via pi/phi ratio (Egyptian pyramids) known to create positive vibes.

Orgonite is the word arisen from “orgone” which refers to the vital or life energy found in nature. The same is also known as chi, prana, ether, elan, elan vital etc. Due to the combination of various effective substances, the orgonite basically functions as a self-driven, highly efficient, continuously-operating, drawing in negative life energy and transforming the same into positives. These orgones have given various shapes and effect by blending in the mixture of effective elements. One of the shapes is pyramid which is known as Orgone Pyramid.

Impacts of Negative Energy

We all know that with all positives, the negatives also exists. There are various sources to which we get exposed in daily life such as the radiation from electronic devices, mobile towers, wifi at home and other similar equipment.

All these radiations are known to release positive ions which causes negativity in the surroundings which ultimately impacts us negatively. As we do not have the power to stop such radiations but we can do things which creates the positive vibe around us.

Positive effects of Orgone Pyramid

It’s a little tricky that you get original Orgone Pyramid in India but there are several places which offer genuine products. One of them is Our products are being developed with thorough research by adding all the required efforts to create magic in your life.

After buying this, most of the people have noticed the positive emotional effects such as a good sleep, stress-free life and so on. Not only human but the plant also grows vigorously in presence of Orgone products. So, why not use this miraculous product for a great wellbeing.

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Jatin Pandya is owner of Orgone India, leading manufacturer, wholesalers and exporter of top quality orgone energy products in India.