A Full-body checkup means your complete health checkup​. It ​can help you to get warning signs of health issues early; if there are any symptoms of fatal diseases like digestive diseases, diabetes, respiratory diseases, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, etc. This full analysis scan of your entire body including kidney, liver, lung, heart to assess your current health status and to show results of you to know if you have any abnormalities or if any apparent warning signs are lying inside your body. This is necessary as it helps you to take the steps required in the prevention or early detection. Everyone should go for a whole body checkup at least once in a year.

What Are The Vital Factors For A Full Body Checkup?

We must go for a whole-body screening for understanding how to fit we are.
A full body checkup is a very much important checkup. Especially in the times of fatal and critical diseases like cancer. Early diagnosis could help us to prevent or manage the disease and improve the patient's life span.
It is crucial to have a whole body checkup for anyone who has an unhealthy and hectic lifestyle.
A regular complete health checkup is recommended for everyone above 35 years of age.
A comprehensive body assessment should be of utmost priority in instances of history of a pre-existing disease
History of family illness
Thanks to our new and fast-paced lifestyle, we all are now leading a very stressful and busy lifestyle. This has resulted in a very high incidence of stress-induced health issues like heart diseases, headache, Asthma, diabetes, depression etc. That's why it would be best if you got your body checked regularly to prevent the symptoms of any such disease.
Due to the increase in levels of pollution and innovative methods of food contamination and adulteration; the average human immunity power is challenged. This is where preventive health checkup proves to be the best solution.
Keeping all these details in mind, There are a lot of full body checkup package providers. These complete health packages not only provide the most comprehensive checkup, but they also go very easy on your pocket. This checkup is designed in such a way that it covers all the most essential and relevant tests. One complete body check

Some Of The Vital Tests That Are Done During Full Body Checkup Are As Follows:

Blood and urine tests: This is also known to be as a urinalysis. With the help of this, we can detect whether there is blood in your urine. A urinalysis checks a sample of your urine for different cells, chemicals and other substances, including blood.

Lipid Profile Test: The lipid profile test is a combination of tests conducted together to check for any risks of high cholesterol and coronary heart disease, or as a preventive measure to check any risks depending on factors like eating habits, diet, stress, exercise and lifestyle-related.

Vitamin Check: Doctors diagnose vitamin deficiency anaemias through blood tests that check: The number and appearance of red blood cells. People with anaemia usually have less amount of red blood cells than the average. In vitamin deficiency anaemias related to a lack of vitamin B-12 and folate, the red blood cells appear large and underdeveloped.

Thyroid Function Tests: TSH, T3, T4 Normal test range​ for an adult: 0.40 - 4.50 mIU/mL (milli-international units per litre of blood). T4: thyroxine tests for hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, and used to monitor treatment of thyroid disorders. Low T4 is seen with hypothyroidism, whereas high T4 levels may indicate hyperthyroidism.
T3: This test is usually taken if T4 tests and TSH tests result in hyperthyroidism. The T3 test may also be taken if a person showing the signs of an overactive thyroid gland and levels of TSH are not right. The good average range for the level of T3 is 100–200 nanograms of hormone per deciliter of blood (ng/dL).

There are a lot more types of tests available in Full Body Checkup. So Get yourself tested today and stay healthy.

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