There is one certainty that each of us should look to when building Brain Power and using Mind Over Matter to solve our problems. We should look to those less fortunate. People just like you and me. People that find themselves in circumstances they never conceived would happen to them. People that never thought they would need to steel themselves against adversity to the level that some are forced to endure.

The immensity of the human spirit is immeasurable in the worst of times. Look to these people as a point of reference for overcoming adversity – a guiding light. Their lessons can be your guide.

In the wake of the Victoria Fires, it gave me the opportunity to look deep – to appreciate who and what I have around me. No matter what I may be dealing with at any given time, can compare to what others may be going through.

People that have taken the opportunity in their lives to develop their mental strength and abilities are also taking steps to prepare themselves against the hard times. Everyone has them, but when you have developed device to see yourself through to the other side of the hurdles, it makes the preparation very worthwhile.

Recently, someone suggested that I do some writing about the fires, the death, anguish, and heroism emerging like the rising phoenix when the fires hit Victoria Australia. I attempted to look at this as a topic of my writing, but I write from my heart and the truth. Since I had not been directly affected by the fires, I decided not to write about others experiences. I will leave that to the media. What I have decided to write about is my observations, and how I have used this opportunity to count my blessings.

Setting the Stage
Since my readers are International, I need to tell you a little about what was – before the fires. We had had a cool, lower than normal temperature, summer up to this point. Suddenly, we were having the highest ever recorded temperatures and southbound winds. This set up an extreme fire danger condition. For many years the residents of Victoria bushland had been worried of the buildup of native scrub compiling and creating an explosive fire danger.

Politics Deemed Just as Guilty
Politics had prevented the clearing of this debris in the winter months, as it had been in previously. About 10-15 years ago, through political pressure from ‘green’ groups, back-burning and clearing had all about ceased to reduce fuel buildup. Clearing of the deadwood had been reduced to only 2-3% of all the forest areas that used to be available to gather wood from. Cattle and sheep that had grazed and automatically cleared many of these areas were banned from these areas. Owners were not even allowed to clear the fuel from their own property for fear of heavy fines, even imprisonment.

The entire area had become a time bomb – primed and ready to explode. The resulting conflagration led to losses of such magnitude never before seen in Australia. When fire travels 3 KM per minute, huge fireballs prevail before a wall of fire 120 feet or more into the sky, it is overwhelmingly apparent that nothing much is going to stand against it. It sounds like a freight train coming your way, much like the sound of a tornado. The only word that does not even come close to describing the effect – HORRIFIC!

Lessons Learned Elsewhere as Example
I used to live in America. In the area that I am from there is a technique that is taught in fire prone areas called “Stewardship”. Stewardship is a way of dealing with the natural fire dangers in a way that benefits everyone. The conservationists decided long ago that it was better to clear the debris and scrub than to keep putting so many people at risk, even reducing the amount of trees on a property to reduce the overall fire danger. It’s not a perfect solution. But it is a solution that both sides could live with.

People love nature and want to live amongst it. But, sometimes those people in their obsession to live amongst the trees, overlook the obvious hazards. Most of the people that were killed in the fires never gave it a second thought that they may be victims of their own passion.

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