Different leather messenger bag for women, a different variation of leather handbags, all are made from different sorts of leather grains.

There are mainly two types of leather grain and they are full grain leather and top grain leather. They are one of the highest and best quality choices when it comes to leather grains used in women handbags. Other relatively and most common leather grain options are corrected grain and buckskin as well as patent, and too split leather. But these leather grains are not of high quality.

Full Grain Leather used in handbags for women

For the information, full grain leather is a kind of leather which does not show any kind of separation from its top grain layers and split layers. It is usually from hides that this full grain leather is extracted. Such grain leather is not buffed and it does not get sanded. This full grain leather is not modified. It hardly consists of any deformity or any kind of imperfection in it. This leather grain type is quite durable and it is also breathable. This subjected leather grain type is much used in women handbags, leather furniture and also in the making of footwear.

Top Grain Leather type used in leather handbags for women
This top grain leather is not that much the highest quality type of leather grain. But you can say, it is one of the second-best leather grain types. This type shows separation of its split layers. It is thinner in form as compared to this full grain leather. Its hide surface is also buffed. A coating layer is usually applied to it. It is modified in a manner so that it becomes durable and also stain resistant. On another hand, this leather grain type is not much breathable. For the manufacturing of handbags, full grain and cowhide leather should be used. Such leather grain type makes women handbags more lasting and durable in terms.

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