Ayurveda teaches the use of natural medicines and forces such as diet, hygiene, and psychology, which can bring us into
better balance with life. Disease is not the problem to be opposed with violence and force. Rather, it is to be avoided or prevented by promoting health as a fortress of strength and perfect function. These concepts of ancient wisdom are as modern and hip as using sanitation and nutrition to strengthen your immune system. While ancient, these modern herbs and foods are available to you today in their full strength and beauty as extracts and capsules.

'Ayurveda' in Sanskrit means "The Science of Life". It does not mean Hindu Medicine. Ayurveda is the over 5,000 year old science of living in harmony with the Universe. Harmony, either with other people or our environment. To understand harmony, we must know who and where we are in relation to others. Harmony, or balance is a basic concept at the heart of Ayurveda.

Harmony is described in Ayurveda by the three 'Doshas', or basic aspects of all life. These can be recognized by their attributes; Vata is dry, cold, light, mobile, hard, changeable and clear. It is the most powerful, governs all movement, and carries both 'Pitta' and 'Kapha'. Pitta is hot, fluid, subtle, sharp, soft, and it governs all heat, and chemical reactions. Kapha is cold, wet, heavy, slow, static, and dense. It maintains all substance, weight, and coherence in living systems. All of life is created by the dynamic balance between these aspects.

The popularity of teachers like Deepak Chopra and Vasant Lad has helped many Americans learn of these ancient ideas.
Modern problems require effective solutions (and make it quick please!). If you want to learn about Ayurvedic Medicine, read The Yoga of Herbs, or Ayurvedic Cookbook. You will find there some kind and reasonable answers for many of our modern problems. Were your travels across time as well as land, you would find ancient Ayurvedic teachers, Rishis, in complete agreement that we must build our Health and Fitness to feel good and prevent or recover from disease.

Ashwaganda- a premier Tonic, the Indian ‘Ginseng’. Increasing endurance and physical strength, with more sexual vitality
for both genders, this herb will become popular.

Shatavari- tonic for women, powerful and soothing. It will strengthen and regulate the female reproductive organs, helping the libido, and moods.

Guggul- Effective to decrease cholesterol and increase metabolism. This herb will help burn off fat and detoxify a sluggish

Amalaki- nutritional tonic to rebuild digestion and the blood. The most natural Vitamin C at about 3,000 mg per tsp. of
powder. Present and active in the body 3-4X longer than synthetics.

Myrrh- rejuvenates the female organs, slows aging. This plant is cooling and antibacterial with cleansing effects for the
gums and the uterus. It is reported to expel negative emotions as well.

Brahmi- revitalises the nerves and brain-benefits hair and skin. This plant is felt to reduce stress and make people more youthful. Also called Gotu Kola.

Dr. Lee prescribes many high quality botanical medicines, some of which include Ayurvedic herbs.

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