I’d like to talk to you about a toxin that you’re probably exposed to every day. In fact, because we’ve all been completely brainwashed, most people think this toxin is actually good for them. This toxin is more poisonous than lead and only slightly less toxic than arsenic, and yet, chances are, your city is not only allowing this toxin to be in your tap water, they’re actually dumping this poisonous waste product in and then charging you for it! If you haven’t already guessed, the toxin I’m talking about is fluoride.

Fluoride is not a vitamin or a nutrient of any sort, and it’s not good for your teeth. In fact, it makes teeth and bones brittle, causes dental fluorosis (white mottling of the enamel), and can even cause bone cancer. It also causes neurological problems, learning disabilities, lowered I.Q., increased risk of hip fracture, hypothyroidism, and more.

“In my opinion, fluoride is a carcinogen by any standard we use.”
Dr. William Marcus the Senior Science Advisor and Toxicologist
in the Office of Drinking Water for the EPA

Don’t believe fluoride is a poison? Read the back of your toothpaste tube. If it contains fluoride, there will be a warning telling you to contact the poison control center if you swallow more than a pea sized amount, not to leave children unsupervised while brushing, and to make sure your children don’t swallow it. (In fact, eating half a tube of toothpaste can kill a child.) These warnings are only found on tubes of fluoridated toothpaste.

Fluoride is found naturally in the soil in some areas, but this is not where they get the stuff that’s dumped into our water and put into our toothpaste. No, this stuff is obtained from the scrubber systems on the smokestacks of factories that produce aluminum or phosphate fertilizers. These scrubbers are there to protect the surrounding areas from the affects of fluoride, which would completely poison the air, soil, and water if they were not there. This toxic waste material is collected from these scrubbers, then shipped directly, i.e. untreated, to city water treatment facilities and dumped into our tap water.

Fluoride is very useful in industry because it’s the most reactive element on earth. It’s used to etch glass, refine petroleum products such as gasoline and rocket fuel, make ceramic materials more porous, inhibit fermentation in breweries and wineries, it’s used to make numerous plastics including Teflon, it’s a main ingredient in Freon, it’s used to polish aluminum and refine metals like zinc, iron, and copper, and it’s used heavily in the production of super-phosphate fertilizers. It was also a main ingredient and the motivating factor in the removal of Scotchgard and Stainmaster products from the market.

Fluoride is the key ingredient in most of the widely used insecticides and pesticides such as rat and cockroach poison. It works well against humans too, which is why they use it in nerve gases like Sarin. The Nazi’s used fluoride to sterilize people in their concentration camps. It’s used in most general anesthetics and in certain drugs including Prozac and Cipro, as well as at least nine other drugs that have been removed from the market because of serious side effects, such as Baycol, Propulsid, and “Fen Fen”.

Fluoride is also heavily used in the enrichment of uranium; that is, to separate the different uranium isotopes from each other, leading to the famous yellow cake uranium used in the production of nuclear weapons. Because so much fluoride waste was being created during the Manhattan Project (the development of the first nuclear bomb), government scientists began looking for something useful to do with the leftover poison. This led to some bogus studies being created and the eventual poisoning of our water supplies. This is a very interesting story, which I will cover in detail in a future book, but far too detailed for this arena.

Strange though it may seem, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officially lists fluoride as a “contaminant” that we add to our water. These contaminants are measured in parts per million (ppm) and maximum contaminant levels (MCL) are set. The Journal of the American Medical Association has stated that as little as 1 ppm of fluoride will lead to the mottling of teeth, known as dental fluorosis. At 4 ppm (the amount currently recommended and added to many city’s water supplies), the mottling becomes much worse and the teeth actually become brittle. The same thing happens to bones. Just for reference sake, the MCL for lead is set at 0.015 ppm; for arsenic it’s 0.010 ppm. Since fluoride is more toxic than lead and only slightly less toxic than arsenic, a rational MCL for fluoride would be somewhere between 0.010 and 0.015. Amazingly, the fluoridation of our water, at current levels, allows water consumers to be “medicated” at higher doses than can be legally prescribed by a physician. So, yes, you are being medicated without your consent. This is illegal.

Fluoride is a cumulative poison, too. Only about half of the fluoride we consume is actually excreted by the body. The rest accumulates in the teeth, bones, heart, arteries, thyroid and pineal glands. It also accumulates in the plants and animals that we consume, as well as the ground, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Tea plants, for example, have high levels of fluoride.

Experts have stated that drinking fluoridated water could increase the risk of young boys (who are much more susceptible than girls) getting bone cancer by as much as seven fold. Dr. Dean Burk, Chief Chemist Emeritus of the National Cancer Institute, found that more than 10,000 Americans were dying from cancer each year as a result of fluoridated water. Dr. Burk said, “In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer, and causes it faster, than any other chemical.” This led one expert, and former fluoride promoter to ask a poignant question. He said, in reference to fluoride’s supposed benefit of preventing cavities, “How many cavities would have to be saved to justify the death of one man from bone cancer?” Good question.

By the way, fourteen Nobel Prize winners have come out against water fluoridation.

I recommend you stay far away from anything containing fluoride. If this poison has any positive effect at all, which is highly doubtful, it is as a topical product. That means if your city is fluoridating your water, don’t use it for anything other than mouthwash and for bathing. Also, avoid Teflon pots and pans, buy non-fluoridated toothpaste and tell your dentist you don’t want any fluoride treatments for you or your children.

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Dr. Brad Case is the author of "Thugs, Drugs and the War On Bugs," Book I in the Why We're Sick™ healthcare series and co-author of "101 Great Ways To Improve Your Health." He writes a quarterly newsletter, a monthly e-newsletter and is the clinic director of the Holistic Healing Center in Prunedale, California. To learn more or to sign up for his free e-newsletter, visit his website:www.HealthIsNatural.com. You can also follow him on Twitter @drbradcase or become a fan of Holistic Healing Center or Why We're Sick on Facebook.