We know that in order to make a conscious effort in designing our lives, we need to set goals, but more specifically, the right goals. Without setting these short, mid-range and long term targets, we are lowering the chance that we will get what we really want from our lives. I think there’s a Yogi-ism that illustrates this point. “You got to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there.” Simple, yet very true…

Key Goal Setting Principle #1: Choosing the Right Goals

There are many types of goals we can aim to achieve. However, how do we know that we are setting the right goals to begin with? How do we know that it’s the right time to go for that goal or even if we can achieve it at all? Firstly, when choosing our goals, it helps to think about or analyze the goal. Why have I chosen to make this a goal? Who is the goal going to benefit? What needs to happen in order for the goal to be achieved? How will the pursuit and achievement of this goal change my life? Is the achievement of this goal an absolute must? Is there anything I must do before I begin to pursue this goal? What are the smaller goals that can help me achieve this bigger goal?

These are just a few questions that can help you gain some clarity and help you decide if a goal is the right one to put your best efforts into. Also, goals are usually aligned with our life’s purpose and congruent with our values and beliefs.

Key Goal Setting Principle #2: Setting a Flexible Due Date

When you decide on your goal, it is time to set a flexible due date for it. If no date is set, it is NOT a goal. Goals always have due dates. If it’s important enough to be a goal, it’s very important that you know when the goal should be achieved by. For example, if you have a long term goal to save up $50,000 by January 1, 2016 and John over there has a goal to save up $50,000 by January 1, 2013, why does John want this goal to happen faster? Why do you not want to achieve the goal as fast as John? Do circumstance and beliefs play into the due dates? Truth is, it does not matter. What matters, is that the smaller goals needed to get to the final goal are prioritized and acted upon and that the due dates are flexible. If John does not achieve the goal by the due date, he will simply set another due date until the goal is achieved. The due date must be given it’s due respect, but if we don’t make that deadline, we cannot let it lead to failure. We have to reset and move forward – with a smile.

Key Goal Setting Principle #3: Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles

This final key principle is quite significant. After we set and date our flexible goals, we need to look ahead and determine all of the internal and external obstacles that must be resolved in order for us to move forward and achieve the goal. Once the obstacles are identified, we must decide what actions we will take to resolve them. These actions become a living goal plan. It is quite a dynamic process. These action steps also need to be dated and must be completed to move forward. As new challenges arise, identify the obstacle, set and date the action step and go to work on it.

Final Thoughts on These 3 Key Principles of Effective Goal Setting

These three key principles will help you in the achievement of your goals. I use these same principles to guide those I coach in setting their goals and continue to see people having great success using them!

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