Work Out More.

Regular, good quality physical exercise is tantamount to healthy diabetes treatment. That's because working out boosts your energy expenditure, ultimately leading your body to put its blood glucose to good use.

Working out also boosts your general all-day metabolism. This means your body has a higher fat and glycogen burning propensity. This means you are improving the quality of health and lowering the risks that exacerbate diabetes.

Working out also helps condition your cardiovascular system, making you less prone to high blood pressure, hypertension and all the nasty stuff associated with them.

Spice Up Your Life!

When it comes to natural treatments for diabetes, herbs and spices should be at the top of your list. Hidden within your unassuming spice cabinet may just be some of the most powerful diabetes treatments you’ll ever come across.

Take holy basil for example. This ancient herb has been in medicinal use for thousands of years. Its efficacy in the treatment of diabetes hasn't gone unnoticed. It has powerful abilities in helping regulate blood sugar levels, improve insulin production and resolve elevated blood pressure.

Turmeric is another powerful plant treatment. This deep yellow aromatic spice is more than just the cornerstone of a decent curry, it is also one of the most reliable natural remedies on the planet. It has a long list of benefits.

A potent antioxidant and anti inflammatory, it can decrease blood glucose and alleviate hypertension. It has also been shown to nourish the tissues in arterial walls, making them less prone to the narrowing that leads to hypertension.

This is also due to the fact that curcumin, the active chemical in turmeric also lowers cholesterol. Other herbs and spices that are excellent for diabetes treatment include:

Black pepper.
Cayenne pepper.

Dark Chocolate.

Dark chocolate is another antioxidant powerhouse. It is actually considered in many studies as the most antioxidant rich natural source currently known.

The antioxidant profile of dark chocolate includes polyphenols, flavanols and catechins. The dark black/brown and bitter smokey flavour can be traced to this.

Having such an abundance of antioxidants is sure to keep your blood pressure range within the healthy standard.

Raw unprocessed cocoa beans have the purest yield and also come packed with minerals including potassium.

Olive Oil.

Olive oil has an age-old reputation for it health and anti aging benefits. A cornerstone of the so called Mediterranean diet, olive oil is one of the healthiest food sources known to man.

It contains many nourishing compounds and nutrients that help lower blood pressure. The omega fatty acids it contains help regulate cholesterol by lowering bad LDL cholesterol and boosting good HDL cholesterol. Cholesterol is a major cause in the degradation of arteries leading to high blood pressure.

Olive oil also has antioxidant qualities which help prevent or treat an elevated blood pressure range.

Avoid refined olive oil or olive oil blends. Always choose extra virgin olive oil.

While there are many drugs and synthetic treatments available for hypertension, it doesn’t hurt to stick to a natural plan. In fact, in many cases, hypertension drugs may lead to side effects while eating healthy is always a net positive.

In conclusion

While a full course of treatments and drugs is useful in helping combat the prevalence and risks associated with type 2 diabetes, it is very important to know that you can make the job easier.

By employing natural habits and life hacks, you can quickly make diabetes management less of a chore and get back to enjoying a normal life.

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