Kiss is the best way to show love and affection without words. All people without exception receives kiss in life at some point or the other. It can be placed at any part of the body and depending on that factor or some other kisses are divided into different categories. Lips-to-lips kissing is most common among couples that can be a prelude to love-making. There are several other kisses as well. Let us explore the types.

The Forehead Kiss:

This type of kiss is meant for friends. Depending on how you plant this kiss, a degree of affection to the loved ones can be shown. There are times when this kiss is shown as a starter to meet and greet someone new and express the feeling of liking to them.

The Eskimo Kiss:

It is commonly used by parents and children to show the affection. This involves rubbing of noses back and forth. Since this type has its origin from the Eskimos, it is known as Eskimo kiss.

The French Kiss:

This type of kiss is the most popular form of a romantic kiss. It is done out of passion and done as foreplay generally. When a tongue of one person touches the tongue of another it is known as tongue or French kiss. This type can be easy executed but very difficult to master.

Kiss on the Hand:

When you grasp hand of the person with your fingers and implant a kiss on the back of the palm, the kiss is known as kiss on the hand, the kiss becomes a gesture of affection and admiration. This kiss shows a bond of love.

Ear-lobe Kiss:

This kiss targets your erogenous zone and it is all about kissing and nibbling the earlobes. It is one of the intimate and the most romantic kisses between the people who love each other.

Butterfly Kiss:

This kiss is done between the two who are madly infatuated or in deep love with each other. This is an intimate gesture which is shown when the face of beloved is close to your face and the eyelashes get to connect.

Cheek Kiss:

This short peck of kiss on cheeks combining with hand on arm or half embrace denotes humble hello or goodbye to someone you like. It is done out of affection also.

Lingering Kiss:

This type denotes a lot of lips to lips kissing for a long period. This type of kiss is full of passion and emotion and done when you are in a new love.

These are just a few ones. There are a lot more varieties…..

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