If you are concerned with blockchain development services or you are curious about what goes behind it then it is better to pick programming languages for blockchain.

In this article 6 programming languages are mentioned which are also the trending tools in the world of Cross-platform app development and blockchain development services.

1. C++

This language is a tried and tested programming language which not only managed to remain consistent with the test of time but has also provided higher-level values to the Blockchain app development services. It also allows the developers or programmers to get an in-depth idea of the hardware which has made the language prominent for embedded systems or graphics.
While creating the actual blockchain services, the C++ language provides maximum power and speed. This language is most suited for blockchain infrastructure.

2. Simplicity

Simplicity is a newbie which was introduced by Russell O' Conor in the year 2017. This language is a higher-level programming framework which allows developers to write human-readable codes and contracts. For instance, Bitcoin cryptocurrency also has a smart contract programming language known as Bitcoin script but it is comparatively low and requires advanced knowledge of Bitcoin. Simplicity has abstracted a large number of low-level concepts from the same script which has made it faster and much easier to write.

3. JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most popular names for software as well as Blockchain app development company for hosting the website and various other requirements. JavaScript has plenty of libraries and frameworks right from jQuery and React Native to angular and node. It is a framework having the potential to drive modern application development and it is excellent in handling asynchronous activities.

As the number of users relying on blockchain technology is increasing, JavaScript is perfectly suitable for it. It can also handle the communication interface between multiple blockchain nodes. JavaScript is a popular name on the web and using this framework developer which can easily overcome the barriers in programming the blockchain entities.

4. Python

Python language is comparatively easy to learn and provides a general entry into the world of Hyperchain application development or programming. This language is highly suitable for scientists and data analysts. The Python community has released proficient libraries like NumPy, SciPy, pandas and a lot more to provide variety for applications in multiple fields.

Python language can easily deal with huge data sets and conduct its easy processing, visualizing and analysis. All of these skills contribute to make it a data-driven and highly efficient programming language. Python is also known as a general-purpose language which can be equally used for creating blockchains as well as developing smart contracts.

5. Solidity

Solidity is high-level programming that is contract-based and its script is also similar to the script of most prominent languages including Java. It has some concepts in common like variables, classes, functions and many more. It is easy to learn for developers and programmers because it offers a maximum explanation of code working. This language is highly contributing to the software technology of blockchain with its efficiencies.

6. C#

C# language has secured widespread popularity and made itself one of the most suitable programming languages in the blockchain. This language provides open-source developers the ability to develop portable codes which can run across various devices. This programming language has an object-oriented feature which makes sure that developers do not miss any performance cause while developing the project.

C# has a syntactic identity with Java and C++ and this is the reason for which blockchain programmers can easily understand or interpret IT systems and modify them as per the requirements.

7. Rholang

Unlike most of the languages having an object-oriented design approach, Rholang has a functional approach that has a different attitude towards programming. Rather than using the girls to hold on to the values and changing them over the course of execution, this programming language considers the program as a series of mathematical conduct and evaluates them sequentially.

Rholang can contribute a lot to Blockchain app development services because it can easily operate in a specific functional context. The functional programming languages have an elegant and concurrent front to improvise the development of blockchain.


After going through the languages mentioned above you might be wondering which language is suitable for your Blockchain app development company or project. In order to answer this question, it is important to understand your actual requirements and the preferable network you are looking to work with. For example, if you want to include cryptocurrency then it is advisable to work with simplicity.

On the contrary, if you want absolute control over the blockchain development services then you can consider JavaScript, python, or C++ for developing blockchain or Hyperchain application development services.

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