The companies have developed channel and product-specific support models which are competing for supremacy. But in the eyes of the customer you are still a single organization.

There are 60% of the customers who are interacting through different channels irrespective of time, place device or medium, customers expect consistency.

The customers expect you always to listen and it also means not to repeat themselves when they are switching channels or because you are not paying attention.
Customers also require on- demand support. It means customer service within easy reach.
Live chat at your website is there which takes care of both the expectations of your customers. It is not just any other channel to manage but your new primary digital channel. Live chat is there to deliver brand promise and also provide your customer with consistency.

Live chat also comes with the advantage of agents being able to see the previous customer service interactions. The customers do not require to rehash their queries and the agents are able to find the previous conversations they have had with the customers.

Live chat also allows you to multitask. This means it can listen to multiple customers at a time which offers a much more efficient service for you and the customer.

Live chat is also an awesome way to forward the feedback of the customers to the managers. The entire transcript and notes can be emailed or simply added to the existing CRM.

Live chat is a lot more than providing quality customer service.

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