It Is a matter of concern to see a steady rise in cancers among women in recent years. It is unfortunate that women in their 30s, who do not have any family history, are suffering from cancers unlike in the old days when cancer was considered an age-related ailment. Clearly, urban living is taking its toll. Simple preventive actions can reduce some of these risk factors.

Environment :

Pollution is known to be one of the contributors for cancer, for example, pesticides in farming.

Stay safe :

Choose a relatively clean area to live in. Limit exposure to pollution by using non-polluting modes of transport like the underground. Find out the source of your produce, poultry and fish. Organic food is a good option.

Diet :

A fat-rich diet can be a contributor to cancer. The younger generation swaps green leafy vegetables, dietary fibre and whole foods for fast, packaged, heat-and-eat food which contain additivies and preservatives (carcinogens).

Stay safe :

Eat home-cooked food with plenty of fibre (35 g/day) and whole foods. Green leafy vegetables, pulses and oats are a good source of fibre. Avoid refined sugar, flour, white bread, pasta, fries and other fatty foods.

Lifestyle :

Tobacco is a major contributor to head and neck cancers. It can affect other organs as well. Smoking is a major cause of cancers. Passive smoking is known to expose women to non-small cell lung cancers. Avoiding breastfeeding is counter-productive as is the use of unhygienic sanitary napkins (exposure to infection and cervical cancers). Certain oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) and hormone replacement therapies (HRTs) can make patients vulnerable to cancer (although recent studies have actually proved the opposite). Delayed age of conception and obesity are also considered risk factors.

Stay safe :

Stop smoking, plan your family early and make it a point to breastfeed your baby. Consult your gynaecologist before considering OCP and HRT. Make sure you exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight.

My top tip :

Move to clean, organic food; adopt a healthy lifestyle and schedule an annual check-up especially if you are above 40. You pay more upfront, but the costs are lower in the long term.

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Dr.Gaurang joshi

B.A.M.S. Gold Medalist
Consulting Ayurvedic

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Dr.Gaurang joshi
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B.A.M.S. :Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery from Jamnagar Ayurveda University-April 1994 at Shri O.H.Nazar Ayurvedic Collage, Surat.

Internship :Dec-1994 at Jamnagar Ayurveda University.

M.E.T.C. : i.e. (Medical Emergency Treatment Course) from Civil Hospital, Surat.
Experience :

Worked with super specialist Physicians, Surgeons, Gynecologist and Radiation Oncologist in various hospitals in South Gujarat.

Successfully treating the most complicated skin disease- Leucoderma(Vitiligo) and Psoriasis.
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Running an Exclusive Ayurveda PanchaKarma Treatment center.

Providing Ayurveda Consultations to diagnose & treat the patients of Obesity, Skin Disorder, Leucoderma, Mental Disorder, Diabetes, Arthritis, Hair Diseases, Hyperacidity, Spondyslysis, Backache, Bronchial Asthma & all types of chronic diseases by enhancing immunity.

Providing immunological treatment for all infectious diseases including prophylactic, palliative and supportive treatment in all types of cancer.
Research :

Conducted a collaborative research project at Lions cancer detection center, surat entitled "Ayurvedic Medicinal Oils" as a complimentary treatment for colorectal cancer caused by chemo & radio therapy under direct super vision of Dr.S.P.Shrivastav(M.D.) Chief Radiation Oncologist & Medical Director) from 2004 to 2006.

Working on a collaborating research project to reduced the side effect of Radio Therapy & Chemotherapy in all types of cancer with Dr. Manisha David(M.D. Radiation Oncologist) at Gohil Cancer hospital, Navsari since 2005.

Also doing the research work on the effect of Panchakarma treatment on Molecule levels with Dr.Narayan Patel(Ph.D.) Director of I.H.P.,U.S.A. and Dr.Madhukant Pandya (M.D. Ayurveda) Ayurveda Center, U.S.A.
Current Area Of Research :

Role of stress and injury in flare up of psoriasis.

Role of cold drinks on psoriatic patients under stressful conditions.

Role of sun light on psoriatic patients after applying different herbal applications.

Corelation between condition of tounge and type/severity of Psoriasis to develop the method for early detection :

Role Of Vitiligo oil and Vitiligo cream in Leucoderma(Vitiligo)
Role Of Panchakarma Treatment in the Management Of Psoriasis and Skin Diseases.
Role of Panchakarma on Molecular level

Area of specialization :

Immunology, Panchakarma, Oncology, Skin Diseases
Research Paper Presentation :

Presnted the Research Paper Titled ‘Phase I Randomized Study Of Jatyadi Oil Enema for Preventing Or Reducing The Severity Of Radiotherapy - Induced Bleeding P/R Or Piles in Patients with Anal Or Rectal Cancer,Cervical Cancer Or Any Pelvic Tumor‘ At World Ayurveda Congress International Conference at Jaipur,December 2009.

Also Presented The Research Paper on Cancer at ‘RAJAYUCON 2009‘ ,The National Conference On Ayurveda at Rajkot, June 2009

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