Singapore is listed in top 10 cleanest cities in the wold. Millions of people of different cultures, communities lives on this tiny piece of earth. The city of Singapore is called the Capital. However, there is no difference between the country and the city, the Republic of Singapore is a city-state.

Singapore is a special city known for overwhelming luxury apartments, rooftop bars, Formula 1 street race and top-class street food. The city is wealthy where the graph of its income is going up day by day. Definitely, tourism gives great support to the economy. As a stopover to Asia, Singapore is a popular destination. The city has grown into a world economic power that ranks among the world's top with its medicine, education, life expectancy and quality of life and safety.

The Two Seasons in Singapore:

Singapore has two seasons, warm with rain (rainy season) and very hot without rain. The high humidity and the warm weather is not for everyone. If you are visiting in Singapore for the first time, or if you’re coming from countries like Canada or America, then you might not be so happy with too high temperature but you will get used to it quite quickly. Singapore has an endless summer feeling, people use to wear shorts with t-shirts or tank top for outing. You can swim all year round or sit on a terrace at night to feel the freshness of the air!


The weather is always nice. Singapore is almost on the equator, which means that the climate is hot and humid and there are no seasons to distinguish. The daytime temperature varies between 30ºC in December and 31.7ºC in April. The lowest temperature ever measured is 19.4ºC in January, but usually it doesn't get colder than 24ºC at night. It rains a little more during the monsoon, between November and January, than during the rest of the year.

Western conveniences

Many people think of living in Singapore that you end up in a complete Asian environment. Logically, Singapore is the heart of Southeast Asia. Nothing is less true. Singapore cannot be compared to many other countries in Asia. The city is in fact very developed.

Everything is tightly arranged in Singapore. For example, public transport is arranged down to the last detail. Having a delay is really exceptional. The (high) roads are also in perfect condition.

Singapore is Safe and Health

In Singapore a lot of money is also spent on medical research and the hospitals, general practices and dentists etc. are really good. Many doctors study abroad (America, England, Australia), so the quality is simply high.

The Asian influences

Living in Singapore may be comparable to living in other large western cities. Fortunately there are also many Asian influences. The official language is not only English, but also Hindi, Chinese and Malaysian. Everything is broadcast or described in these languages. This way you learn some words from other languages.

Because people live so much outside, many rituals are performed outside during holidays. For example: Music is made, people make sacrifices on the street and fun things are organized. Everyone is welcome to participate.


It is not a holiday destination for a long stay, but it is the perfect stop where you can transfer for your trip to other Asian countries, or perhaps for a trip to Australia or New Zealand. As majority of the population, about 80%, live in an apartment building. That was a common consideration, so that as much public green space as possible would remain. Therefore it is always not easy to rent a room in Singapore. So better if you always book a hotel or room in advance for your convenience.

Singapore is super clean

Singapore ranks number 5 when we talk about the cleanest cities in the world. Throwing trash on the street ends with a $2,000 fine. Even chewing gum is prohibited and spitting on the street is punished.

Throughout the day, cleaners and gardeners are busy keeping Singapore clean. Fallen leaves are immediately swept up and gardens are planted with fresh flowers time after time.

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Misty Jhones