Living In The Same House While Divorcing: Living Together While Waiting For Divorce

Living in the same house with your husband or wife while getting a divorce is a great idea financially. If you can get past the fact that you will be seeing your ex every day then you will be able to start your new arrangement.

Draw up a schedule so you both know what needs to be done like laundry, housework, cooking and taking the kids to school. Depending on your situation there may be some redefining of roles, as you are now independent of each other. A wife who has had to do everything in the past may now want a more shared approach to the household chores. By keeping the lines of communication open it is hoped you will be able to make the necessary changes.

Separate bedrooms will avoid confusion and give you both some personal space. This could at times become a retreat when things get stressful. There are couples that continue to sleep in the same bed together and for them this probably works but it could send the wrong message to a partner who is hoping that the marriage can resurrected.

Sorting out the finances could prove an issue because now that you are separated you should have separate bank accounts. You may want to keep one joint account for the mortgage, insurance and other important bills but it is important for your self-esteem and independence that you have your own money.

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In today's world women demand equality within the framework of a marriage unlike in times gone by when the husband seemed to keep control of the purse strings. Many women who divorced in that time had no knowledge of how their husband was spending their money and sadly some of these women ended up with nothing once the divorce was finalized.

If a wife is at home looking after a baby or young children she should be given an allowance so she has money of her own. Just because her soon to be ex husband is working does not make her contribution to the family unit any less in value. If a couple are separated but living in the same house this is a fair way of doing things. Of course it will depend on their financial situation as some couples are struggling to survive.

Now that you are operating as single people you will need to devise some rules so each ex partner feels comfortable.

An example of this could be dating new people and whether you both think it is acceptable to bring them home or see them on neutral territory. Boundary setting enables a system to work, as each person knows what is acceptable to the other.

Focus on the future and the benefits of living this way. For one thing you can save money, as the cost of two residences would put a huge dent in your current lifestyle and in these tough times that might be something you appreciate holding onto.

Try not to look back at the marriage unless you believe you can fix what was broken. Many couples say that once they live together without the husband and wife tag on them they become more relaxed. For some couples some time out may be all they need while others will eventually divorce.

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Like you I was looking for proven methods to save my marriage from divorce, as my marriage was rapidly going down the pan. I needed to find a solution to a rather large problem and I needed to find it fast. Most people (me included), only try to find out about how to save their marriage when their relationship is in desperate trouble, and that is way too late! If you are anything like me, I felt a real urgent need to rectify the situation quickly before it escalated any further, and I was desperate to find answers. The problem was I was so desperate for a solution that I resorted to trying anything.

One of the things I resorted to was begging my partner to take me back, and even giving in to my partner's wishes and demands, even when I knew that these demands and wishes were not at all what I wanted. This only succeeded in driving my partner even further away from me. It wasn't until I realised that I was getting nowhere that I realised that I had to think "outside of the box" if I was going to fix my marriage.

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A really solid piece of advice I was given, was to stop being angry and bitter and to stay calm. Every time I expressed a negative thought or carried out a negative action, it evoked a negative response from my partner. The only way to change this was to make sure my partner from now on saw me in a positive light! Then hopefully a positive reaction would ensue.

One of the best ways in which you can do this is by making yourself less accessible to your partner (In fact quite the opposite of begging for forgiveness) If you are interested in a hobby that you haven' t taken up yet then do it! If you want to go out with some friends after work, or join a book club, or the local gym, then do it! This has a two fold action. Firstly it takes your mind of the problem and gives you space to think more clearly. Secondly, this will make your partner realize that you are not as reliant on them as they thought you were. This will make them re-evaluate their way of thinking, and this coupled with your new found positivity will start to steer your marriage in the right direction.

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Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. ~Ephesians 5:21 (NIV).

Many of us are in marriages where conditional acceptance, on some issues, reigns. Despite what either partner prefers they'd be, the heart of one or another jumps to the forefront. Before long stinging words leach out at break-neck speed, the anger and hurt propagating anger and hurt.

Now, to Ephesians 5:21. Note that there's a full paragraph break between verse 21 and what follows. This is telling us that submission is common to both husband and wife.

It's also saying, as plainly as possible, that we're "subject to one another" as the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) has it.


This is not a dependent submission.

It's not based on condition that one would submit; no, it's based on the commitment, each to the other, to submit. It's to be individually inspired and motivated.

Independent of the other partner's will to submit is the passionate commitment of each partner to sway toward the mate, predicated in love. The wife will do this as if obeying the Lord (Ephesians 5:22); the husband, even more so, because like Christ gave himself up for the church, he is to die to himself for her (Ephesians 5:25).

So, it's compelling submission both ways.

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Because we have this ongoing battle going on inside each of us, and that the intrapersonal relationship is every bit a microcosm of the interpersonal relationship of marriage, we must simply expect transgressions will occur. It's unreasonable to expect minimal conflict in marriage. Should transgressions be minimised in consequence and frequency? Yes, most certainly. Still, they'll occur.

Unconditional submission - each to the other without condition that the other submits - is necessary to counter this fact of sin.

Unconditional submission is hence seen as God's perfect marital rule - instituted before the Fall - with the eternal power to crush sin. When we use it, we agree to be party to its power.

From perception of 'doormat' to 'real spiritual strength of Christlike love' we have in an instant freed ourselves of the burden to compare sinfully. This is removing thought of reaction-in-light-of-comparison for thought of hiddenness-with-Christ-in-God (Colossians 3:3). More simply again, our action is not subject to what they do or don't do; our action is dependent only on the principle of love, which has no bounds.


This is what we really need to know. It's another perfect biblical irony.

As one person in a marriage boldly and sincerely submits to their partner they reap not weakness but power - for the partnership. It's blessing that's acquired; as if on loan so long as the sincere submission behaviour continues.

Now, if a wife can submit to the husband as the church unto Christ - recalling the church is not perfect yet - and the husband is to give himself for her, like Christ did perfectly at the cross, the most fervent power of submission is actually borne by the husband. Marriage will never reach its potential - both partners reaping lucid joy - unless the husband submits.

Men, this is a difficult pill for us to swallow. The truth, no matter how difficult it is to reconcile, is irrefutable.

Both must submit for the marriage to succeed as God originally designed it to; but the husband's submission carries more weight.

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I get a lot of emails from wives and girlfriends who are looking for something to do or something to say to make a man stay who has made very clear he wants to leave. I often hear from wives whose husband wants a break, separation, or divorce and is getting ready to leave the home. Or, I hear from girlfriends who have a man who wants to end the relationship.

So, the women in this situation are often looking for the magical solution that is going to change his mind quickly and decidedly enough to make him want to stay. And, it seems that the worse the man wants to go or the sooner he is going to leave, the more the woman feels that she needs an immediate and drastic plan.

Unfortunately, some women take this a step too far and only make their situations worse. I've had women ask me if they should try to get pregnant to make him stay, or if they should makes serious or scary threats. I understand how these can seem to be plausible ideas in the heat of the moment, but these type of things are often a very bad idea. Any attempt to get him stay that isn't based on transparency and honesty will often backfire on you or make you appear in an even more negative light.

But, the good news is that there are often positive things that will eventually work just as well. And these gradual things are often more lasting anyway, which is ultimately what you really want. I will discuss this more in the following article.

Does It Really Want Out? Or Does He Just Want Space And Time?: Sometimes, a man just wants some time to sort out his feelings and see if how he feels without you is better than how he feels with you. And, while he is evaluating this, you don't want for him to remember your actions right before he left as very negative or desperate ones. You certainly don't want to make things worse for yourself.

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So, you don't always have to react as though you'll never see him again when it may only be a short break that's on the horizon. And, he may think that he wants one thing right now, only to conclude that he was wrong tomorrow. That's why it's so important to put yourself in the best light because in the future, things might look very different. Sometimes, buying time is actually the best thing that you can do.

Understanding Why He Wants Out Or What He Really Wants (Even If He Doesn't Understand It Himself:) Many women in this situation will focus solely on why he wants out and how she's going to counter his reasoning. And, this can be important but it's not the only thing. Quite often, he really doesn't understand it completely himself. He will often only know that he thinks things would be better if you had a change. He often just has general thoughts like the relationship isn't working, he isn't happy, or he needs some space.

So, trying to pinpoint "the answer" with all these generalities swimming around in his head is often a waste of time. And sometimes, this process frustrates him as much as it does you so you're often better off focusing on the positive if only to bring a bit of relief to both of you. Rather than trying to "overcome" everything he says, it's often better to just understand that an improvement to the way you relate to him and the way that he sees you will go a long way toward getting you the answers that you're trying to pry out of him right now.

Understanding The Importance Of Making Him Think You're On His Side And Want Him To Be Happy: Most men are fully aware that your goal is to change his mind. To that end, he will often be that much more determined that you are not going to change it. So, you have to get around this. And the way to do that is to often go to his side of the fence. Agree that things need to change. Agree that you could both be more happy. Tell him that his happiness is just as important to you as it is to him.

Because if he believes that you're on his side rather than only on your own, he's more apt to look at you, and eventually the relationship, more positive. Yes, this can be a gradual process. I have been in this situation and I know that most of us are looking for an immediate fix. But often the immediate fix doesn't last. In my experience, you are often much better off gradually showing him that you're on his side, gradually showing him the woman he first fell in love with, and gradually showing him his perceptions right now are wrong.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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