London always keeps so many surprises up its sleeves to astound its visitors and the best part is, it never failed in doing so. If I was writing this article 10 years before, I probably had nothing to write under this topic because the only famous attractions in London at that time were either London Eye or Buckingham Palace but today we have got plenty more to see, explore and admire; one such thing being the street art. It was not in the past that the street art was taken as a tourist attraction but now street art served as a proper tourist attraction because of its innovation, uniqueness and creativity. Here, I will illustrate such few amazing street art attraction, worthy to be visited.
Camden Town: a well- known market and tourist attraction all around the world; Camden Town is becoming more and more prominent, thanks to its street art. Due to so much admiration from tourists, the Town is now offering Camden Street Tours in collaboration with the Global Street Art. Tourists can visit up to 100 art works under this tour. A worthy to visit town where you can enjoy best street art along with music and food!
Southbank: The Southbank Centre has donated its walls to the street art artist for make them beautiful and adorable. Many of the artist work on the walls of the centre in the collaboration of both the centre and the Global Street Art. Although all of the work done on Southbank’s wall is worth- praising but if you are looking for one finest piece then you can find it near the Skate park where different festivals and events takes place. This area will show you some satisfactory graffiti work so if you want to see one, grab the chance and get going!
Hackney Wick: you will be surprised to known that the Hackney Wick is a very busy industrial area but still is a famous street art attraction. Hackney Wick is not a wandering area but an organized rather difficult path that if you lost, you will be lost. After coming out from Hackney Wick Station, a visitor has two choices. Either he can march towards his right towards ‘90 Bar’ which is a known bar with a lot of street art or you can turn to your left to the Fish Island which is the real beauty. Here you will find the most beautiful street art that you have ever seen.
Dulwich: Dulwich is renowned as the most original street art in London. The Dulwich Outdoor Gallery take influence from works hanging in the older Dulwich Picture Gallery and created the masterpieces that world compels to admire.
Brick Lane: if we say Brick Lane the birthplace of street art in London then it would not be wrong. Why? Because the Lane was the very first one where all of the street art fever gathered in the past. Brick Lane has been known as a cultural centre to the city where you can find the best of London from food markets to al fresco bars. Cherry on the cake is its delectable graffiti and art work. Brick Lane has been promoting the street art with help of Global Street Art and to make it known world- wide, they invite artists from all around the world onto a summer event named as ‘A day when art lets its hair down for a day’.
Walthamstow: not known for a long time but the perfect street art of Walthamstow has made its place in the hearts of the art- appraisers. There you will find a lot of impressive work that reminds you how creative a man can be. The area around Wood Street and Hoe Street is especially worth- visiting.
Leake Street Tunnel: The Leake Tunnel is situated underneath the Waterloo Station and is representative of some quality street art. The tunnel is nothing but a bright and colorful illustration; making it one of the finest street art attractions in London. The place gain its popularity by the time when the Festival of Cans was held there and since that time up till now, Leake tunnel is home to the artists to paint, spray, color and stencil.
Shoreditch: Best known for its awakening nights; Shoreditch has also begin to be the residence for the street artists. Shoreditch is best known for its bars, cafes and clubs but an addition to its previous notoriety is its dazzling street art that has taken a place of full- blown tourist attraction. Tour guides are provided for the area that will make you discover the graffiti gems in Shoreditch.
Penge: Penge is not much put onto the list of Street Art but the place is truly a street art attraction. You can found murals in every part of Penge; explaining a whole story in a solo picture. An admirable attraction for street art lovers.
Brixton: another hot place for street art, Brixton is a restricted yet a must-see while being in London. There are many shops in the area and everyday new shops keep on popping up so the area is pretty narrow for the tourists to have some tour like things. However, if tourists are interested to look upon genuine street art then this place shouldn’t be missed. You can see a variety of daring, dynamic and experimental drawings. The artists in this area are known for transforming the ruin surfaces of the walls in remarkable pieces of art.

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Today i will share London Street Art and things to do with you so you can easily understand what things are trust worthy during your London visit. Must reed hope you will enjoy it. Thanks

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