Whatever your age, you want to look your best and feel young. Sometimes, this needs a little help from a plastic surgeon. Eyelid surgery in Maryland is a popular option for people who are faced with drooping eyelids, which can cause them to look older and less alert. Also, drooping eyelids may obstruct your vision. Consulting a capable surgeon to determine your suitability is the first step toward eyelid surgery in Maryland.

Is it for you?

There are many reasons you could be considering eyelid surgery. You might have noticed that your upper eyelids are drooping. Or you have seen bulge around the lower eyelids, and a puffy appearance, which happens due to fat deposit around the lower eyelids. Eyelid surgery can help rectify both the problems. Usually, eyelid surgery is performed on people 40 years or older, since this is the time that the drooping of the eyelids sets in. However, even younger people can take recourse to surgery if they have drooping eyelids, giving them the appearance of lethargy.

Eyelid surgery in Frederick, MD, may need to be combined with other surgical procedures to give the best results. For example, if you have wrinkles around the eyes, the doctor may go for skin tightening around the eyes to give the skin a smoother look. Also, if you want to get rid of dark circles and under eye bags, then further surgeries could be needed. The goal is to remove excess skin and fat that causes the swelling or the drooping to give the skin a taut, smooth look.

You would need to be a healthy individual with no disease that could make surgery dangerous. Also, you should not be suffering from any eye diseases. You would need to discuss your medical history with the doctor, including providing information on any medications or supplements you might be using to the doctor during the consultation process. You would also need to follow instructions before and after surgery, to ensure the best results. The best candidates are those who have the right expectations from surgery and understand what eyelid surgery can and cannot achieve.


Many patients have questions about incisions and possible scars. Since eyelid surgery in Frederick, MD is performed on the eyelids, in a delicate area of the face, the incision will be placed where the scars will heal easily and become barely noticeable. In particular, you want the incision to be placed where no one else can see the resulting scars, and this is exactly what experienced plastic surgeons do. The incision may be placed within the folds of the eyelid or inside the eyelid, so that the skin can be tightened and excess fat removed.

Care after surgery

You would need to use medications to reduce the swelling around the eyes after eyelid surgery in Frederick,MD. Some people may need eye drops prescribed by the surgeon.

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Some people may not be able to venture into the bright sunlight for some days. You would also need to take a few days off work, to heal sufficiently. Also, if wind or light makes you uncomfortable, the use of dark glasses is recommended.