Fast slimming options always seem like a great idea and many breakfast cereals are positioned to be cereals effective for weight loss. Although some healthy breakfast cereals can be effective as a meal replacement, not all meals can be replaced either.

Although many cereals and mueslis may provide you with many essential vitamins, fibre as well as carbohydrates, they cannot be used as meals for the entire day. Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential for a healthy lifestyle and to lose one still needs to eat a balanced diet, perhaps with less sugar and fat, but a balanced and complete diet is still necessary. A cereal diet can be healthy only when on meal is being replaced by a breakfast cereal. So for example perhaps lunch could be a bowl of cereal instead of says a sandwich. Although it remains to be seen which is more calorific as this will depend on the types of sandwich or cereal that you end up choosing and this is where nutritional information helps.

Healthy cereals that are low in sugar and salt that is high in fibre and is a low GI breakfast food, is the best choice. So you may want to opt for a organic and healthy muesli cereals, with not too much fruits as this is high in sugar. Oats is a good option and bran well. Whole grain overall is the best option to select. Whole grains are rich in fibre and nutrients as they have not been refined. So this would be a better substitute for a meal. For all other meals then a healthy and balanced combination of fresh vegetables and protein is essential. Steamed vegetables for example are healthy and low in fat, combined with either some lean meat or tofu is able to provide you with some of your body’s daily nutritional requirements.

Other options are granola & muesli bars that are better and healthier for you then other naught snacks like crisps and biscuits. It’s all about opting for the naturally low in fat snacks and eating healthy and fresh rather than processes and refined foods.

So while you may be OK replacing one meal with a cereal or muesli, you might want to be careful and not replace all your meals with a cereal as this way you will not meet your body’s nutritional needs. You can take supplements, but ideally it’s always better to source your vitamins and minerals though you diet.

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Live a healthy lifestyle by choosing best healthy breakfast foods if you live in London. People in UK love to have cereals for breakfast in morning with combination of muesli bars, fruits, milk etc