Let success be in your plan and setting goals get you through a lost job and no money for your debt.
This should be important to you, to enhance your resume in order that you will find your next job. http://coverlettersandresume.com/resume/best-sample-resume-for-2013-2014/ Also, you will need to get your basic needs met so stop, think and reset. You will either need to keep your home by reducing your house payments or downsize to an apartment resident home community. You will need food get only the necessities, cook and bake your own food which you purchased at grocery stores. I am not sure of your food condition but you may have to look for outside resources like a food pantry if you have children that you have to feed. Then give back to the food pantry once you get your job. You need transportation in order to go on the interview, if you have two cars you might want to sale one. If you don’t already have transportation you might want to consider using the transit services of the community. Or if you do have transportation in order to save money use transit service. If you live in a community without transit services you might think about car pooling to get to your interview. Another option is to apply for positions in your area and walk to the interview remember you really need a job. You have lost your job and no money for your debt. Remember, you can turn it around keep calm, confident, and persistent. It has been known for people to commit suicide for being in debt.
So, now if we are only experiencing no money for your credit card debt, but you have money for your basic needs you need to get in contact with the 3 major credit bureaus. https://www.annualcreditreport.com/index.action Get your credit report and then you need to let the 3 major credit bureaus know by calling “request to close your credit card accounts”. Just make sure when you do get your extra money coming in save your credit because your credit score will go down. Also, to get on the road to recovery you need to immediately get addresses, write and inform your creditors. So, you can pay your credit card debt and other creditors I suggest you work on getting your interest decreased. You would have shown your creditors your willingness to work through your current situation by making contact.
I mention, when you have lost your job and have no money to pay the bills. You have to stop, think and re-set. Number one thing you may have to do is re-think and downsize from a house to become a resident of apartment home living where you have a leasing office. You can find an apartment resident home community with sq. ft. over 1100 ft or more for two bedrooms, two baths and storage w/balcony space. When you go to fill out the application you need your main bedroom and one guest room. This will give you the extra living area that you need for yourself or family. You work out the rest but I suggest try to live in a two bedrooms verses three bedrooms because your rent will equate to the mortgage of a house with utility expenses. You want to live as economically as possible until you go through financial recovery and have money coming in to pay your debts and get through your recovery. Get your plan in place and set your goals and debt recovery will be a part of your history not your future.

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